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In the new year, have students received offers from their favorite colleges? If there are still no results, don't be impatient. British colleges and universities are approaching the mid-to-late stage of application in February. In this issue, the editor has collected and compiled experience tips for students on how to choose a guaranteed college when studying in the UK.

What conditions should a guaranteed school meet?

1⃣️My own conditions are better than the school’s admission threshold

In applying to study abroad, school selection is mainly divided into three categories: sprint, matching and guarantee. First of all, you need to understand the admission threshold of each college. In order to determine the admission rate and avoid failing in school, the admission threshold of the guaranteed college needs to be lower than your own conditions.

2⃣️Ensure high quality

Don't blindly choose a guaranteed college, because the choice of a guaranteed college may actually be the target result. In order to ensure high quality, you should not only focus on the admission threshold, but also pay attention to the suitability of the major and yourself, major ranking, school comprehensive strength ranking, geographical location, etc. Choose a suitable and reliable school for yourself.

Things you need to pay attention to when choosing a guaranteed college

1⃣️Keep information updated

Applications are fluid every year. A school may have lower requirements in last year's application but higher requirements this year. Or a school has fully admitted students in February and has stopped applying, etc. Therefore, students need to keep the information updated at all times and adjust their study abroad application plans at any time in case of emergencies.

2⃣️Need to “take into account the overall situation”

When choosing a guaranteed college, you must not set too many standards. You need to consider the overall situation and make choices. Sometimes the major is ranked well, but the school is ranked low. Or other conditions are good, but the location is remote. Because guaranteed schools are a safe choice, there are certain choices in the selection criteria for guaranteed schools.

3⃣️Choose colleges with high adaptability and avoid too many

Students should still invest a lot of energy in rushing to colleges and matching colleges. You only need 1-2 places to choose the minimum guarantee. Suitability refers to the high admission rate and the suitability of the major for you. Don't underestimate the application standards of certain colleges and universities, and don't choose majors that you are not interested in. Choosing the right one is the right answer.

The above is what Wang Wanwan compiled for you students on how to choose a guaranteed college for studying in the UK and what you need to pay attention to . Please bookmark it immediately🌟

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