British high schools also have preparatory courses? !

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

No, no, many students now don’t know that many private high schools in the UK also have preparatory courses . Today, Wang Wanwan will take you to take a detailed look at the characteristics of British high school preparatory courses⬇️

🤔What is preparatory course❓

The preparatory course is a one-year transitional course for students who want to study for undergraduate studies in the UK, but whose language and academic performance do not meet the undergraduate requirements of British universities. Courses offered by various schools in the UK. After successfully completing and passing the preparatory course, you can proceed to the undergraduate degree at the university you want to go to✊🏻

🤔What is the difference between high school preparatory courses and undergraduate preparatory courses in the UK❓

Undergraduate preparatory courses are basically point-to-point promotions to undergraduate courses. Before applying, students need to determine which school they want to study for undergraduate studies, and then apply for the preparatory courses at the corresponding school. After completing and passing the undergraduate preparatory courses, they can only go to that school to study. Undergraduate, you cannot go to other schools. The high school preparatory course is basically the same as the undergraduate preparatory course, and it also lasts one year. The course content is similar to the undergraduate preparatory course. The difference is that the high school preparatory course is completed in a private high school in the UK. After completing the preparatory course, you can advance to the university and major you want to go to based on your grades. You can choose the university✔️

🤔Which students are suitable for high school preparatory courses❓

✅Students who failed the Alevel exam in the UK and don’t want to re-study Alevel for two more years or go to a bad school🙋🏻

✅Students who have completed undergraduate preparatory courses in the UK but have not successfully progressed to undergraduate courses🙋🏻

✅I want to come to the UK to study preparatory courses and enter undergraduate courses, but I am not sure which school I will attend🙋🏻

🤔What are the advantages of high school preparatory courses❓

✅For students who have studied Alevel, it is easier to pass the high school preparatory course. Part of the content of the high school preparatory course overlaps with the Alevel, and you can go to a better school👏

✅The British schools you can choose from are more extensive. If your preparatory results after one year are good, you can choose from Wang Ai Man Wah and Oxbridge👏

✅In British high school campuses, in addition to normal classes, there will be teachers responsible for further studies to provide guidance on further studies, so that students can be more fully prepared for further studies👏

🤔Which British private high schools offer preparatory courses❓

🏫Abbey College Manchester

🏫Abbey London Secondary School (DLD College London)

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

🏫Cats Cambridge

🏫Ambaid Secondary School (MPW)

If you want to know which middle schools in the UK offer high school preparatory courses, or want to 🈸️🇬🇧 high school preparatory courses, backstage ✉️ Didi Wang Million Oh

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