The secret of private education schools for British royal family and aristocrats❗️

🏫St.George 's School

👥Girls ’ school

Many members of the British royal family, including the daughter of Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew, studied here. The school is located in Windsor, where prestigious schools gather. Most of its students come from wealthy families around Windsor. It is famous for its excellent results and happy education. Among them, students are good at art, drama, dance, music, etc., and the choir is the most famous, having sang for the Queen four times. The Royal Ascot is also held here every year.

🏫Gordonstoun School

👥Mixed school

Many members of the British royal family, including King Charles and Prince Philip, graduated from here. The school emphasizes discipline, responsibility and teamwork and is known for its " Spartan education " . The school also has a unique golf culture and sailing culture. Not only does it have the only five-hole golf course in Scotland, it also allows students to participate in sailing sports. The strict " semi-military " management has enabled students to achieve excellent results, with 59% Alevel A*-B and 41% GCSE7-9 in 2022 .

🏫Downe House School

👥Girls ’ school

Princess Kate of the British royal family once studied here. The school has always been the best among girls' schools in terms of arts, sports and especially academics. In 2023 , it achieved 64% Alevel* and 84% A*-A . It is worthy of being rated as one of the top 5 schools in the UK. The school encourages the development of girls, fully taps their potential through high-quality teaching and rich extracurricular activities, and encourages every girl to grow confidently.

🏫Benenden School

👥Girls ’ school

Many members of the British royal family, including Princess Anne, studied here. The school emphasizes confidence, compassion, courage and courtesy. When you come to campus, you can see that every girl has a confident smile. The school provides one -to -one customized courses to ensure the girls' development. Although the school is not a strong academic school, its teaching philosophy and curriculum are renowned in the UK, attracting many royal family members and wealthy people. Come.

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