Even the British royal family looks down on aristocratic public schools❓

Recently, the news that Prince George, the eldest son of the British royal family Prince William, gave up Eton College has aroused heated discussions among many people.

🤴British media claimed that Prince William and Princess Kate had disagreements over Prince George’s schooling. Prince William hopes that Prince George can go to his alma mater, Eton College , while Princess Kate hopes that Prince George will choose a suitable school and live an ordinary campus life.

After the prince and princess considered and selected multiple schools, Oundle School was included as Prince George's first choice for secondary school.

🤔What is the origin of this Oundle School that it can defeat the famous Eton College and become the British royal family’s first choice❓

🏫 Eton CollegeEton College

Boys School. One of the nine most famous public schools in the UK, it is the alma mater of many prime ministers and political figures. It has made remarkable achievements in many fields such as politics, culture, and art. It can be said to be the representative of British elite education.

🏫 Oundle School Oundle Middle School

Coed school. The third largest boarding school in England, with more than 1k+ students enrolled. It is not well-known, but its teaching quality, pastoral care, and physical facilities are 1️⃣ and 2️⃣ .

After reading this, do you also want to study in these two elite schools❓

❌Eton College and Oundle School are currently 🈚️vacant in September , and even princes need to register and apply three years in advance🙅

What other good private schools have vacancies that you can apply for❓⬇️

🏫 Ruthin SchoolRuth Middle School

🏫 Roedean School Luoting Girls’ School

🏫 King's School Canterbury King's School Canterbury

🏫 Ipswich School Ipswich Public School

🏫 Rossall School Russell Middle School

🏫Queen Ethelburga's CollegiateQueen Ethelburga

🏫 DLD College London Abbey London Secondary School

🏫Abbey College Cambridge Abbey Cambridge Secondary School

... For detailed introduction, you can search on the homepage using 🔍

More British private schools that currently have places in September are welcome✉️

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