The most cost-effective universities and majors for master's preparatory studies in the UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Today I will give you an overview of British master's preparatory courses Several schools with the best value for money👑🏫

✨University of Southampton

👍 QS 81

1⃣Undergraduate degree from a Chinese university recognized by the University of Southampton

⚠️Universities that need to be studied at the University of Southampton list

2⃣Relevant professional background average score of 65% is required

3⃣Non -related professional background average score of 75%

👉Professional direction:

Business, Economics, Finance and Management Engineering and Physical Sciences social sciences, life sciences art and design Humanities and Design

✨University of Glasgow

👍 QS76

1⃣Bachelor degree with an average score of over 60%

2⃣Three -year college with an average score of above 80%

👉Professional direction:

law and social sciences Science and Engineering Business, Economics and Finance, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences Arts and Humanities

✨University of Birmingham

👍 QS 84

1⃣Four -year undergraduate degree (with diploma and degree certificate) with an average score of 70%

2⃣Three -year college with an average score of 80%

👉Professional direction:

Business, Law and Social Sciences

✨Durham University

👍 QS78

1⃣Full -time undergraduate students with degree certificate → average score of 65% and accept 1 semester internship;

2⃣Full -time undergraduate students only have diploma → average score of 70% and accept 1 semester internship

3⃣Adult / self-taught undergraduate with a degree → average score of 70% .

4⃣Full -time college → 70% average and accept 1 semester internship

5⃣ HND : More than 80% average or Merit

6⃣British undergraduate degree certificate 2.2 ( Top-up is acceptable)

👉Professional direction:

Accounting and FinanceBusiness, Economics science and engineering law and social sciences

✨University of Nottingham


1⃣Four -year undergraduate degree ( with diploma and degree certificate ) , Average score of 70% or above ( the graduating school needs to be on the list of schools recognized by the university )

2⃣Three -year college with an average score of 80%

👉Professional direction:

Business, Law & Social Sciences, Science & Engineering

✨University of Warwick

👍 QS64

1⃣️Tuition fee 34,000 💷Total expenditure 400,000 RMB

2⃣️Low rent expenses Five kilometers within the school is mostly 125-150 pounds

3⃣️Strong in business studies Comparable to G5, its international recognition is also very high

✨York University

👍 QS164

1⃣️Humanities and Social Sciences educate English literature The Conservatory of Music has received good reviews

2⃣️Teaching quality ranks first in the teaching alliance with Cambridge University

3⃣️Friendly recruitment threshold School of Management and School of Economics 🈶️ List other schools are 🈚️

The above are some universities with relatively high cost performance. Do you have any questions? Welcome backstage Didi to us!

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