🇬🇧 British Private School Alevel GCSE Transfer Guide❗️

🏫Abbey College Manchester

💰 24000 / year

🏠Accommodation 15400 / year

High cost performance ➕High results. The majority of preparatory students enter the top 100 Qs schools. A level A*B has 57% and GCSE 9-7 has 50% . The location is located in the center of Manchester, and the affordable tuition and accommodation fees are very friendly to students with limited budget.

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

💰 35500/ year

🏠Accommodation 19800 / year

This is the best among the three campuses, with 83% Alevel A*A , 72% GCSE9-7 , and 32% Alevel students entering G5 universities. The school's science, engineering and business subjects are the strongest. In this year's chemistry competition held by the Oxbridge Chemistry Department, it ranked 3rd in the UK, and Eton and Harrow ranked 8th . It is very strong.

🏫Abbey College London

💰 35300/ year

🏠Accommodation 21500 / year

With modern teaching facilities in Tsuen Mein, it is a dream school for many art students. It provides art, drama, design and film courses that are rare in middle schools. Every year, there are not a few students who progress to the Royal Arts, Lun Yi, and Saint Martin's. The location is located in the center of London, making it very convenient for art students to visit exhibitions and sketch.

🏫Mander Port man Woodward

💰 11411 / semester

🏠Accommodation 13750 / semester

The first choice for many art students. Its preparatory course is recognized by UAL and is taught by teachers from the school and UAL at the same time. They prepare portfolios with students to ensure that students can be admitted. This means that 95% of students can attend UAL. Of course, this portfolio can also be obtained. Applying to other schools is very valuable.

🏫Oxford International College

💰 28800/ year

🏠Accommodation 27915 / year

You can transfer to another school at A level . Excellent results, 92% for AlevelA*-A and 99.56% for A*-B ‼ ️Also has a 100% acceptance rate into Russell Group universities ‼ ️Most of the teachers in the school are Oxbridge graduates. With their rich experience in teaching, it is difficult for students to become better.

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's Collegiate

💰 18450/ year

🏠Accommodation 11150 / year

Can transfer at GCSE level. The school is divided into key classes and ordinary classes. The ordinary classes can choose Alevel and btec mixed courses, as well as additional English courses, which are friendly to students with weak English. There is no difference between the different classes in terms of teachers, hardware, teaching materials, uniforms, etc. 84% for Alevel A*-A and 83% for GCSE 9-7 .

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