🇬🇧A day in the life of a British private school student

How do private school students who admire aristocratic education spend their day? Let Mr. Fried Fish take us to have an immersive experience~

🌞 7:00-8:00 am 🔛Get up

Get up and start a new day

🥓 8:00-8 : 50 am 🔛Breakfast

Go to the cafeteria for breakfast

📖 9:00 am 🔛Class

You can communicate with the instructor one-on-one before class, and then start the first class. There are usually four classes in the morning, and each class has 1-2 breaks.

🍜 12:30 pm 🔛Lunch break

Noon break + lunch time, you can go back to the dormitory and rest for a while

🏄‍♀️ 1:00pm 🔛Club or class

Some schools have club activities all afternoon, and some schools have two classes in the afternoon and start club activities around 4pm.

🍝 6:00 pm 🔛Dinner

It's dinner time, the day's study is over

🖊️ 7:00 pm 🔛Do homework

Go back to the dormitory and finish your homework

🩰 8:00 pm 🔛Break

After you finish your homework, it’s time for leisure. You can watch the football game with your classmates and chat, or you can rest by yourself.

🛏️ 10:00 pm 🔛Sleep

Bedtime, good night💤

The rich and diverse curriculum gives students the opportunity to explore extensively. Whether it is academic support or personal skills, British education will provide 100% support to help students develop in all aspects.

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