It’s enough to learn golf from these private schools in the UK❗️

🏫King 's School Canterbury

All students can receive guidance from the top 100 golfing influencers and won the English Private School Golf Association Championship in 2010 . Every year, students are arranged to participate in golf competitions across the country, and it has the most advanced indoor golf simulator and Tsuen Fang golf course.

🏫Rossall School

The school is located in the center of the " English Golf Coast " and has its own indoor golf center and outdoor practice venues, equipped with the latest training venues and professional golf coaches. In 22/23 , it ranked 1️⃣ in the youth group of the International Golf Association ( ISGA ), and also designed different courses for students through tailor-made courses.

🏫Blundell 's School

The school participates in the Western Golf League and maintains a good relationship with the Golf Association. There are golf competitions every semester, and students are allowed to participate in independent school championships and golf league friendly matches every year. There is no shortage of practical golf skills to learn in this school☑️

🏫Millfield SchoolMillfield School

One of the most famous sports schools in the UK, it has professional facilities such as a 9 -hole putting course, 6 professional driving ranges, a professional short game course, and professional equipment to help process the data of all clubs and balls🙀Golf courses cover other In all areas, including competition, course observation and analysis, technical training, sports psychology and golf fitness, it is no wonder that we have won multiple golf world championships🏆

🏫Loretto School Loretto School

The school is ideally located next to the oldest golf course in the world. It is recognized as one of the best golf schools in the world. Every year, students regularly represent their nationalities in international competitions and have won multiple world amateur ranking championships. The school has a rare 18- hole golf course and the best indoor training facilities in the UK.

Are there any schools above that you are interested in ? ❓ Welcome to DD ✉️Teacher Mi Gao, please analyze the specific situation in detail~

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