Secrets of British private school dormitories revealed, multiple pictures warning❗️

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's Collegiate

It ’s a very cozy room with a huge activity room . It’s so cool to rest here with classmates on the weekends😍 QE is not only a big campus, but even the dormitories are scary big😱

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

The desk is right by the window, the air is fresh and the sun is bright. In your free time, you can lie down on the big sofa in the activity room and watch movies🎬The school does a good job of caring for the students' humanity.

🏫Harrow SchoolHarrow School

A very traditional British dormitory 👍 with a retro feel. It truly deserves to be one of the nine major public schools with a century-old history🤩

🏫St Micheal's School

The design of the dormitory is very warm, the windows are large enough and the light is very good☀️It is indeed the first in Wales️⃣.

🏫Rossall School

The view outside the window is a beautiful pastoral scenery, and there is even a sofa for one person 🥺I’m so envious❗️The manor-style campus near the seaside, the environment and air are also very livable.

🏫CATS Cambridge

The sparrow is small It is well-equipped and newly decorated . It is a modern small room. It is the newest dormitory environment that Teacher Mi Gao has seen so far😋

🏫Rugby School

It’s warm and comfortable, with plenty of storage space. There are even hidden cabinets under the bed. Girls with a lot of clothes are in luck🤗

🏫International School of Creative Arts

The iron frame bed has the illusion of being in a dormitory in China . Are there any students who particularly fall in love with getting out of bed❓The desk is huge, there is a lot of storage space , and the bed makes the room look very spacious🥰

🏫DLD College Londo

Although the room is not big, the view is the most beautiful. The huge windows allow students to see Big Ben every morning when they open their eyes . With complete dormitory facilities and beautiful scenery, it can be said to be the most luxurious dormitory in London🥹

Are there any of the above private schools that you like ? ❓Welcome DiDi

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