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❓What is The Sunday Times ?

❗️ I believe everyone is familiar with "The Times". The Sunday Times is the British " Sunday Times". The two newspapers have been under the same ownership since 1966 . The huge circulation of "Daily News" makes it the largest high-quality newspaper market category in the UK. Its readers are mainly middle- and upper-class people, and it has a huge influence on politics, culture, and economy around the world.

👇 The newly released guide to the best private schools in 2024

The schools in the list not only comprehensively compare the GCSE and Alevel rankings of private schools, but also include graduate destinations, school environment, parent feedback , etc. It can be said to be the most authoritative ranking❗️

🏫Cardiff Sixth Form College

Ranked 13th among 🔝 100 ❗️The school’s performance has basically been ranked 1st in the A*A list of Alevel and GCSE all year round. In the 23 -year Alevel examination, 10 students got 5 A* , 65% A* , 94% A*-B . 74% in GCSE exams with grades 9-8 . Most of the teachers in the school are examiners, with at least 15 years of teaching experience, just like Hengshui Middle School in China, a machine that creates academic masters👏

🏫Queen Ethelburga's College

Ranked 17th in 🔝100 ❗️It can be said that it is a frequent visitor to major private school lists. In the 2023 Alevel exam, the college ’s students had 84.% A*A and 100 % A*-C . 83% of College students scored 9-7 in GCSE .

🏫St Michael's School

Ranked 27th out of 🔝100 ❗️The school has a relatively low - key style, focusing mainly on its own development without doing too much marketing. In the 2023 Alevel examination, there were 79% A*A and 94% A*-B . GCSE has 87% A*A , and more than a quarter of students achieved 100% A* 🤭

🏫City of London Freemen's School

Ranked 60th out of 🔝100 ❗️Owned by the City of London , students enjoy more of the academic influence brought by the City of London. In the 2023 Alevel examination, there were 23%A* , 60%A*A , and 87%A*-B . GCSE achieved 39% A* and 67% 8-9 .

The above is an introduction to some popular schools. The complete list is in Figure 2-5.

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