Free Alevel learning resources used by British private school students

I saw that many students are struggling to study for Alevel , so today Mr. Fried Fish will share some free resource websites~

🔘 The student room

✅Type : Universal

It can be said to be the most common and familiar student community website in the UK. It provides a large number of Alevel study guides, exam suggestions, course notes, etc. The website is also divided into very detailed categories, as well as various study tools and games. wait. You can even post any questions here and have them answered by students with similar experience.

🔘 MathsCentre

✅Type : Mathematics

It provides videos and review notes on Alevel pure mathematics, statistics and applied mathematics, all of which are pure practical information.

🔘 Free exam papers

✅Type : Universal

Once you open the website, you can see the classification of each resource. It is very comprehensive. It is very convenient to query and download information at a glance.

🔘 Alevel Biology

✅Type : biological

There are retest notes and analysis of real questions. For a fee, you can view more detailed questions and notes.

🔘 Alevel Physics Online

✅Type : Physics

A video teaching website, the video explanations are very detailed and easy to understand. Its biggest feature is that it explains some difficult knowledge simply and clearly, and full understanding is the key to improving your score.

🔘 Chemguide

✅Type : Chemistry

I don’t need to tell you how valuable the textbook author Jim Clark ’s website is. The content on the website is more detailed than the explanations in the textbook.

🔘 Khan Academy

✅Type : Universal

Although it is not a website dedicated to studying Alevel , it provides many free resources, including mathematics, science, economics, etc. Master the core concepts of the subject through the website.

🔘 BBC Bitesize

✅Type : Universal

Written by professional education academics, it provides resources on many Alevel subjects, covering a variety of exam topics.

Teacher Fried Fish here wishes all the hard-working students to be nominated for the gold list

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