British private schools have so many weekend activities❗️❓

Many students and parents believe that extracurricular activities are to cultivate children’s interests and hobbies and promote their development. So how exciting are the extracurricular activities in private schools that respect elite education ?

🏫The King's School , Canterbury

In addition to regular sports activities such as football, basketball, and rugby, fencing is the most popular among students. There are also non-sports activities such as go, debate, and performances every Wednesday for students to choose from.

🏫Malvren College

The school is strong in sports, performance and design majors and has high scholarships. Not only will drama performances be held regularly, but there is also a line dance room, 🏋️gym , climbing wall, swimming pool and shooting range for students' after-school activities.

🏫Queen Margaret's School for Girls

The school not only has its own equestrian training school, but also provides more than 40 sports activities such as tennis, hockey, basketball, swimming, etc. ❗️ On weekends, students are regularly taken to mountain climbing, rock climbing, go-karting, and museum visits.

🏫Dover College Dover College

Not to mention the regular badminton, football, basketball, track and field, cross-country, baseball, golf, rugby, and equestrian, the school also offers sailing and surfing projects . All venues are privately owned by the school, and there is no need to go out to organize them.

🏫Rochester Independent College Rochester Independent College

Not to mention sports activities, the school has movie nights every week👍 and also regularly organizes off-campus trips, visits to museums, picnics and hikes, etc. Chess, drama, yoga, textiles, etc. are also available, and there is even a gym and spa 🥹

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school's triathlon, equestrian and cross-country sports programs are highly ranked, and all students are encouraged to participate in physical activity. The choir's performance is also outstanding. All students regardless of experience can participate, and tours in Europe are often organized.

Are you dazzled by so many activities? 🇬🇧Middle school🈸 , dd

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