🇬🇧Extracurricular activities in British private schools

Today I will share some of the extracurricular activities of British private schools🇬🇧 private schools~

These private schools not only have sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, golf, track and field, rugby, etc., but also have many exciting extracurricular activities.

➡️Blndell 's School⬅️ Blundell 's School

The school has nearly 350 music classes a week, and it also has its own theater for students to use for drama performances. The school's art department provides photography, design, painting, 3D printing, etc., and there are opportunities to visit art galleries in London and Paris. oh.

➡️Rossall School⬅️ Rossall School

The school's choir, piano, golf and football are the most famous. Not only can you enjoy the Steinway piano and portfolio tutoring provided by the school, but you can also receive instruction from teachers who graduated from Imperial Art Institute. Golf is ranked No. 1 in the world, and even football training is conducted with the English team FTFC .

➡️King 's Ely School⬅️King 's Ely School

The school often holds various sports competitions, including rugby, football, hockey, etc. The school also has a music festival, drama club, choir, and a choice of more than 50 musical instruments. Although it is not a specialized music school, the school encourages students to develop in an all- round way, and 1/3 of the students can master an instrument proficiently.

➡️Mount Kelly College⬅️Mount Kelly College

The school's swimming team is the most famous in the world . The school not only provides professional swimming training guidance, but also has professional swimming lanes that meet Olympic standards. He has won 8 Olympic medals and 16 Commonwealth Games medals. In 2022 , 12 students were selected into the British national team. If you are good at swimming, you might as well consider it~

➡️Hurtwood House School ⬅️ Hurtwood House School

The school has opened many clubs, not only regular ones such as football, basketball, and volleyball, but also chess, mountain biking, equestrian, paragliding, cross-country, etc. Students can participate in all club activities, and the school also organizes various club activities every working day afternoon.

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