Is it better to choose boarding or day school in a private school in the UK❓

Teacher Mi Gao often receives private messages asking whether her children should choose boarding or day school❓

Let’s take a look first ⬇️

☑️Meet the necessary conditions for day study:

🔘Parents or relatives and guardians have the right of residence in the UK (have British identity)

⚠️Some schools require that they must be immediate relatives

Boarding school 🆚Day school

⚪️Boarding schools usually have larger campuses, like a university campus environment, and can better cultivate students' independence and social skills. They not only ensure the students' personal safety, but also have 24- hour dedicated life teachers who are always concerned about the children's daily life or psychology. on the problem. There are more international students, who can experience different cultures and broaden their horizons.

⚫️Day schools usually have smaller campuses and fewer international students. The host family may not take care of the children all the time like the life teacher, so the children cannot get extra help with their life and studies. 🚶They also need to commute every day.

For domestic children, choosing ✨boarding school✨ is a better choice⬇️

✅Specialized teachers take care of children’s daily life

✅Specialized teachers pay attention to children’s physical and mental health

✅No need to commute to and from school every day, more peace of mind

✅Parental consent must be obtained before going out to campus, please ensure that An Tsuen

✅The learning situation can be supervised and managed from the first ️⃣

Cultivate children’s autonomy and independent thinking ability

✅Live with local students and your English will improve faster

✅Contact with international students and learn about different national cultures

✅Children must live and study according to a strict schedule

✅More extracurricular activities and development in Tsuen Mein

Diversify diet and care about students’ dietary health

✅Exercise social skills

👉Overall , boarding schools have great advantages that day schools do not have❗️

👇Quality boarding school🈶 :

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

🏫DLD College London

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's

🏫St Micheal's School

🏫Sidcot School

🏫Chigwell School

🏫St Francis ' College

⚠️No matter what kind of school it is, make sure you understand it clearly, conduct on-site inspections, and contact the school before making a decision. Teacher Mi Gao is directly connected to private schools, and all have undergone on-site inspections ‼ ️

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