The most authoritative ranking of the Top 25 private schools in the UK is released❗️

Spear's School Index has selected the top 100 private schools in the world in 2024. Let's take a look at the 25 best private schools in the UK👇

❓What is Spear's School Index ?

❗️It is a school selection list launched in 2020. It has professional education consultants and its authority has been widely recognized. It can be said to be one of the authoritative references when choosing a school.

🏫Benenden School

Wang Shiling and Princess Anne attend the same private school, which is known as " the most difficult cradle for female elites to enter. "

🏫Fettes College

The best school in Scotland is known as the " Eton of the North " . The school's goal is to give equal emphasis to education and care, and to fully explore students' potential.

🏫Eton College

The cradle of the elite of the British royal family, it has trained 20 ➕British prime ministers and can be said to be the best middle school in the UK.

🏫Harrow SchoolHarrow School

After hundreds of years of development, the school has become one of the most prestigious private schools in the UK, and all graduates can enter world-renowned higher education institutions.

🏫Brighton College

Not only was it named " Best in the Decade " , it was also named the best school in STEM subjects, and the Oxbridge offer was soft.

... See the picture for the complete list. See if your dream school is on the list❓

❓Is this list too different from the mainstream list?

❗️Because Spear's School Index not only evaluates the school's academic performance, it also takes into account the school's cultural exchange, pastoral care and other factors. The school's reputation and ranking have little impact on this evaluation.

☑️Why more and more people choose to send their children to private schools in the UK❓

🔘British private schools follow the elite education route, cultivating students to develop in a circle, not only with high test scores, but also with good moral character, perfect self-care ability, excellent physical fitness, professional fields of expertise, etc.

🔘When applying to top universities, it is not enough to just look at academic scores. What is considered is the student’s strengths, psychology, thoughts, hobbies, etc. A good educational experience will only add to the student’s resume.

🔘The small class teaching implemented in private schools can provide students with comprehensive supervision and help.

✅The essence of elite education is to make students become interesting, healthy, responsible, and smart people. 🤔Do you want your child to become such a person? What do you think ? ❓Welcome dd ✉️

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