There are huge differences between British private schools and domestic private schools❓

In the last issue, we talked about the differences between public schools and private schools in the UK. Youbaodd Fried Fish wants to see the differences between private schools in the UK and private schools in China. Here we go~

☑️About the class

◾️In domestic classrooms, one teacher lectures at the podium, with fifty or more students listening below. Everyone has different learning abilities, and it is difficult to keep everyone learning at the same pace.

◽️British private schools all teach in small classes, and in order to take into account each student as much as possible, they also develop different study plans.

☑️About course arrangements

◾️All students in China take the same classes according to the schedule and take the same exams.

◽️British students can choose the courses they want to study based on their hobbies or future development. Many private schools even offer cooking classes, housework classes, etc. For example, for Alevel, you can choose 3-4 courses. In addition to common subjects such as mathematics, English, and physics, you can also study subjects such as drama and design that are completely unimaginable in China.

☑️About class schedule

◾️In China, we work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we even have to attend cram school in the evening and even on Saturdays.

◽️British private schools have a lot of extracurricular activities. After school at 3:30 in the afternoon, you can participate in school club activities, such as drama, golf, chorus, etc.

☑️About teaching methods

◾️After more than ten years of exam-oriented education, domestic students have completely given up their thinking ability and will not think at all after getting the standard answers to questions. Use indoctrination education to improve students' memory to achieve high scores, and test scores determine victory or defeat.

◽️The UK will pay more attention to cultivating students’ divergent thinking. Teachers encourage students to ask questions and think critically about everything. The teacher will only teach you learning methods rather than standard answers. Do research to support your opinions rather than simply write down standard answers.

☑️About student performance

◾️Many people think that domestic basic education is better. In terms of test scores, domestic students are indeed better, but in terms of innovation and practical ability, they are completely incomparable. Domestic universities only look at scores. The higher the paper score, the better the university.

◽️Most British private schools follow the elite education route and encourage students to develop, not only with good grades, but also with good moral character, and even with special talents. College admissions not only look at scores, but also consider the applicant's thinking ability, personal hobbies, etc. For example, Oxford and Cambridge universities will be rejected even if they only have grades but no expertise and experience.

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