Top 10 list of the new top 100 private mixed boarding schools in the UK, beating many single-sex schools?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Some time ago, I took everyone to take stock of the top ten boys' and girls' schools in the British private school list📚 . After analysis, it was found that neither boys' schools nor girls' schools had 10 boarding schools in the top 100? ! 😱Let ’s take a look at co-ed schools today. The proportion of co-ed schools in the top 100 has increased significantly this year, and many of them are converted from single-sex schools. I have to say that co-ed schools have gradually become a trend🔥

🏫 Brighton College Brighton College

⭕️Rank : 11

In the seaside city of Brighton, nearly 20% of students are admitted to Oxbridge, with very high A*A test scores, 1000+ students, and a manor-style university🏠

🏫 Cardiff Sixth Form College Cardiff Secondary School

⭕️Ranking : 13

Cardiff Middle School, comparable to Hengshui Middle School in China, is good at taking exams📄 . Most of the teachers are examiners of previous exams. They are familiar with and teach the skills of exam questions. There are teachers in the school who are responsible for guidance for further studies🧑🏻‍🏫

🏫 Queen Ethelburga's College Queen Ethelburga's College

⭕️Ranking : 17

Located in the small town of York in north-central England 🏠 , the surrounding environment is quiet and peaceful, which is very suitable for focusing on studies with peace of mind ✍🏻 ! It is also a traditional British manor-style private school with excellent results and rich activities🏃🏻 . You can not only learn the courses well but also experience British education and culture.

🏫 Sevenoaks School Sevenoaks Middle School

⭕️Ranking : 20

It is a high-quality IB school with small class teaching, boarding students from various countries, and excellent sports . It is close to London and its results are very stable every year⬆️

🏫 Wellington College Wellington College

⭕️Ranking : 26

In 2019, 12 graduates were admitted to the University of Cambridge, and some students went to the United States🇺🇸 to further their studies. The graduates are all over the world's famous universities, and they are outstanding in performing arts.

🏫 Concord College Concord College

⭕️Ranking : 48

Located in the beautiful town northwest of Birmingham🏠 , it is also the hometown of Darwin. It focuses on improving performance, strong academics, and small class teaching✏️ . In the 2022 Alevel exam, 81% of students obtained A* A👏🏻

🏫 City of London Freemen's School London Freemen's School

⭕️Ranking : 60

The school is owned by the City of London. School students can enjoy the academic influence and business background of the City✔️, with complete facilities, and the swimming team is nationally famous. The school even organizes skiing trips to Norway. It is located in a wealthy area with a strategic location🏕️

🏫 Epsom College Epsom College

⭕️Ranking : 61

It is a strong science school. It has three subject buildings of physics, biology and chemistry. It attaches great importance to science and has excellent academic results. In the past five years, 10% of students have entered Oxbridge.

🏫 Marlborough College Marlborough School

⭕️ranked 75

The school is a closed campus with rich sports facilities, including various cricket, hockey, tennis, rugby and other activities. Prince William, Mrs. and Princess Eugenie are both graduates of the school.

🏫 Canford School Canford School

⭕️Ranking : 81

The proportion of international students is only 4%. Among the 23 years of Aelvel results, 65.7% of students obtained A*A results, and 80% of students entered Russell Group universities.

The above are the top 10 private mixed boarding schools in the UK that were released this year. You can see that each mixed school has its own characteristics. Currently, some high-quality schools with 9⃣️🈷️ enrollments still have 🈳️ places. I think 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, backstage ✉️tic Di Wang Million!

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