Top ten private secondary schools in the UK (Part 1)

Today, Mr. Fried Fish shares the top 10 private secondary schools in the UK. The rankings are based on 22 years of A level (or equivalent) and GCSE results.

1⃣️ St Paul's Girl's School St Paul's Girl's School


🔘Day school for girls

🔘Enrollment age: 11-18 years old

🔘Tuition fee: 9982-19732 pounds per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 99.5%A*-B | GCSE : 97.9%A*/A/9/8/7

St. Paul's Girls' School is the only girls' school among the nine public schools. In order to allow students to express themselves to their fullest, it is also the only aristocratic school that does not need to wear uniforms. The most distinctive feature of the school is its education method. Not only is the curriculum very rich and colorful, but it also attaches great importance to cultivating students' independence and organizes various club activities, study tours, etc. Teachers only grade students at the end of the semester, and there is no performance ranking. They focus more on students' overall development.

2⃣️ St Paul's School St Paul's School


🔘Boarding school for boys

🔘Enrollment age: 7-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £7,910- £14,981 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 98.8%A*-B | GCSE : 98.9%A*/A/9/8/7

It is one of the nine major public schools in the UK. Like girls' schools, it has a very rich curriculum, including but not limited to ancient Greek classes, Latin classes, art classes, drama classes, etc. The school encourages students to cultivate their academic enthusiasm and spirit of inquiry, and hopes to recruit boys who are capable, responsible and curious.

3⃣️ King's College School, Wimbledon King's College School


🔘Combined day school

🔘Enrollment age: 7-18 years old for boys and 16-18 years old for girls

🔘Tuition fees: £7250-8630 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 99.3%A*-B | GCSE : 97.7%A*/A/9/8/7

The school focuses on students' academic and moral development, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:9 . It ranks among the best in the UK's GCSE , Alevel and IB exams all year round, with extremely high education quality, a complete education system, and rich activities. It has been highly praised by major British media and has been ranked among the top three best schools in the UK many times.

4⃣️ The Godolphin and Latymer School Godolphin and Latymer School


🔘Day school for girls

🔘Enrollment age: 11-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £8395-9218 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 98%A*-B | GCSE : 98.3%A*/A/9/8/7

The school not only focuses on academics, but also provides first-class support for art and sports, with various clubs and activities in music, drama, art, and sports. The school’s Alevel scores are on the list every year, and its IB average score is also No. 1 in the UK. The school hopes to recruit girls who are positive, brave and compassionate.

5⃣️ Guildford High school Guildford High School

🏫London surrey

🔘Day school for girls

🔘Enrollment age: 11-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £5913-6949 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 98.3%A*-B | GCSE : 97.2%A*/A/9/8/7

The school's motto is " Happiness, Listening, Loyalty " , which focuses on students' health, happy growth, and ability to achieve academic results. It not only supports students to pursue their own interests, but also focuses on cultivating students' sense of responsibility and citizenship, and encourages students to participate in various social activities. This is a school known for its vitality and creativity.

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