Top ten private secondary schools in the UK (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous school sharing, let’s take a look at the remaining five items~

6⃣️ Sevenoaks School Sevenoaks Middle School

🏫Southeast kent

🔘Combined day / boarding school

🔘Enrollment age: 11-16 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £9,709- £16,919 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 98.7%A*-B | GCSE : 96%A*/A/9/8/7

The biggest feature of the school is that it only teaches IB courses and does not teach Alevel . However, its IB exam has ranked first in the UK for many years, among which English, biology, geography, and history are the best . The school holds regular concerts and drama performances every year, and also assigns tutors to each boarding student. They can seek help from tutors whether in academics or in life.

7⃣️ West minster School Westminster Public School


🔘Combined day / boarding school

🔘Enrollment age: 13-18 years old for boys and 16-18 years old for girls

🔘Tuition fees: £9909-16506 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 97.5%A*-B | GCSE : 98%A*/A/9/8/7

As one of the nine major public schools, I think there is no need to say more about the results and teaching quality of Westminster. As an " Oxbridge " harvester, it is the school that ranks first in Oxbridge this year, and the students there are called One foot has already entered a world-renowned school. If you want to enter Westminster, you must not only have excellent academic performance, but also be good at sports. The school attaches great importance to students' personal thoughts and expressions, and it is recommended to prepare for more than one year.

8⃣️ Tonbridge School Tonbridge School

🏫Southeast kent

🔘Day / boarding boys’ school

🔘Enrollment age: 13-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £12,490- £16,648 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 97.8%A*-B | GCSE : 97.3%A*/A/9/8/7

One of the three aristocratic boys' schools, it has a history of 470 years. The school has an outstanding academic reputation, prefers music and sports, and encourages students to develop leadership skills and teamwork. to realize their greatest potential. Usually graduates of this school can enter the world's first-class universities.

9⃣️ Brighton College Brighton College


🔘Combined day / boarding school

🔘Enrollment age: 13-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £12,780- £28,260 per semester

🔘Grade : A level : 98.4%A*-B | GCSE : 93.8%A*/A/9/8/7

Although the school's reputation does not seem to be as good as other schools, its academic performance at Alevel has been among the top ten for many years. The school's goal is to allow students to grow happily and provide students with all-round support. Students are required to participate in sports and art activities every week, but their academic performance is not slack at all. 23% of Oxbridge offers are passed every year.

1⃣️0⃣️North London collegiate School


🔘Day school for girls

🔘Enrollment age: 11-18 years old

🔘Tuition fees: £ 7,436 per term

🔘Grade : A level : 97.2%A*-B | GCSE : 96%A*/A/9/8/7

The school's Alevel and GCSE course examination results are among the top three schools of the same type. Since its establishment, the school has been a pioneer in women's education. The school focuses on cultivating girls' tenacity, team spirit and adventurous spirit, and hopes to recruit girls with a spirit of challenge and personality development.

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