British supermarket products-English word encyclopedia

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Newcomers 🇬🇧 , when you go to the supermarket, are you confused by the dazzling array of products and a lot of English words and don’t know how to start? After reading this article, winning the supermarket is not a dream!

✨Meat🍗 _

Chicken 🐔

chicken drumsticks chicken drumsticks

chicken thighs chicken thighs

chicken breast fillets chicken breast fillets

diced fillets sliced ​​meat

Beef 🐮

beef mince minced beef

beef meatballs beef balls

sirloin steak beef tenderloin

rib eye steak rib eye steak

rump steak beef rump

Pork 🐷

pork shoulder steak pork shoulder neck meat

pork loin steak pork loin steak

pork belly pork belly

pork ribs

smoked bacon smoked bacon

✨Seafood🦞 _

seabass seabass

scallop scallop

Basa fish

oyster oyster


squid squid

shrimp shrimp

tuna tuna

cod cod

✨Bath section🛀

shampoo shampoo

shower / body wash shower gel

lavender lavender

handwash hand sanitizer

aloe vera aloe vera

hand gel hand sanitizer gel

conditioner conditioner

bath sponge bath sponge

✨Hygiene🚽 _

facial tissue facial tissue

hair removal cream hair removal cream

power razor electric shaver

razor blades 8 per pack razor blades 8 per pack

shaving gel/foam shaving cream (one is gel and the other is foam)

deodorant antiperspirant

spray spray

tampons tampons

sanitary pads/towels sanitary napkins

The above is an English encyclopedia of commonly used supermarket items. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!

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