A large collection of British preparatory education categories! Which is the best preparatory course in our school vs. preparatory course in the group?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

🇬🇧Preparatory courses for universities are also called preparatory courses. If you transfer from a domestic school to a prestigious undergraduate or master's school in the UK, you must go through the preparatory courses. Let's take a look at what preparatory courses are available in the UK.

According to the different entities providing preparatory courses, preparatory courses are divided into:

⭕Preparatory course of our school

⭕Group Preparatory Course

What are the differences between the school’s preparatory courses and the group’s preparatory courses?

1⃣The preparatory courses of our school are generally run directly by the university, which provides teachers and teaching facilities. After completing the course, you will be promoted to the corresponding school:

✅Advantages : Provided by the school, classes are held at the school, and the courses are more recognized.

❎Disadvantages :

👉🏻The courses are relatively compact, the requirements for undergraduate or master's degree are higher, and the admission rate is low.

👉🏻If your grades do not meet the requirements, it will be difficult to apply to other schools.

👉🏻The language score and academic performance requirements are high, and the application threshold is high

📍Class location: our school

⌚️Start time: September

📅Duration of preparatory courses in our school: 1 year

✔The more famous preparatory courses of our school include

➡University College London (QS8)

➡University of Edinburgh (QS15)

➡King ’s College London (QS37)

2⃣Group preparatory courses are preparatory courses offered by authorized institutions of various universities. The degree certificate students receive after graduation is the same as the preparatory course at our school.

✅Advantages :

👉🏻Low language and academic requirements

👉🏻The admission rate is relatively high, and most students can be admitted to our school

👉🏻Most schools have group preparatory courses

❎Disadvantages :

There is a higher proportion of non-British students in the class and the language environment is weak

📍Class location: our school or a preparatory center near our school

⌚️Start time: September & January of the following year

📅The duration of preparatory courses in our school: half a year to 1 year

⚠️Group preparatory courses mainly include the following three larger groups:

👉🏻 Kaplan Group

👉🏻 Study Group

👉🏻 INTO Group

What are some good preparatory schools in the three groups?

🔸Kaplan Group:

➡️University of Bristol (QS55)

➡️University of Glasgow (QS76)

➡️University of Birmingham (QS84)

➡️University of Nottingham (QS100)

➡️Queen Mary University of London (QS145)

➡️York University (QS167)

🔸 Study Group:

➡️Durham University (QS78)

➡️University of Sheffield (QS104)

➡️Lancaster University (QS122)

➡️Cardiff University (QS154)


➡️University of Manchester (QS32)

➡️Newcastle University (QS110)

➡️University of Exeter (QS153)

➡️Queen ’s University Belfast (QS202)

➡️ INTO Preparatory Center (choose the school you can enter based on your grades)

The above is a complete classification and introduction of British preparatory courses. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory courses, backstage ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, and if you are quick, you will get an offer the next day ~

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