Which British preparatory school is the best⁉️The truth that agents won’t tell you📢

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

🇬🇧The university preparatory program is also called the preparatory course📚Many people know that there is a 1️⃣ year time difference between Chinese and British universities⏱If you go to the UK to study at a university from the Chinese education system👩🏻‍💻🧑🏻‍💻What will happen with this one year difference? What about the connection ? Today we will take stock of what the British university preparatory courses are like🎓

Classification of British Foundation Year Programs❓

⭕Preparatory course of our school

⭕Group Preparatory Course

⭕Universal preparatory course

1️⃣The preparatory courses of our school are generally run directly by the university, providing teachers and teaching facilities.

✅Advantages : The curriculum is highly targeted and the school’s admission rate is very high

❎Disadvantages : The school has small enrollment and high admission threshold

✔️The more famous preparatory courses of our school include ➡️University College London (QS World Ranking 8), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (QS World Ranking 443), University of Warwick (QS World Ranking 64)

2️⃣The Group Preparatory Course is a preparatory course offered by third-party institutions authorized by universities in the UK. Every year, these institutions import preparatory students with qualified scores to universities to enter undergraduate or master's degree courses.

✅Advantages : The admission threshold is low and most students can be promoted to this school

❎Disadvantages : The admission rate is lower than that of university-directed preparatory courses, and most of them are Chinese students. Preparatory courses such as the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds are mostly Chinese students.

📚The main education groups that offer preparatory courses in the UK are👇🏻

🔸Kaplan Education Group

🔸 Study Group Education Group

🔸 INTO Education Group

Kaplan Education Group has 12 partner universities in the UK ☑️The more popular preparatory programs include ➡️University of Birmingham (QS World Ranking 91) University of Nottingham (QS World Ranking 114) University of York (QS World Ranking 162) University of Bristol (QS World Ranking 61) Queen Mary University of London (QS World Ranking 125)

Study Group Education Group has 16 partner universities in the UK ☑️The more popular preparatory programs include ➡️Durham University (QS World Ranking 92) Sheffield University (QS World Ranking 96) Lancaster University (QS World Ranking 146) Cardiff University (QS World Ranking 166)

INTO Education Group has 13 partner universities in the UK ☑️The more popular preparatory programs include ➡️Queen ’s University Belfast (QS World Ranking 233) University of Exeter (QS World Ranking 163) Newcastle University (QS World Ranking 122 ) University of Manchester (QS World Ranking 28)

⚠️Some British universities offer both group preparatory courses and own school preparatory courses⚠️

The admission requirements for group preparatory courses are usually lower . After students enroll, they can also progress to undergraduate studies if they meet the required scores🆙

3️⃣The results of the general preparatory course are widely recognized by other schools. With this preparatory score, students can apply for university majors in recognized schools. This type of preparatory course does not have the ultimate goal of entering the school. Most of them can apply to better schools or other general schools. Schools are determined entirely based on their preparatory scores. Due to the high admission threshold, the quality of students is generally better.

✅Advantages : Strong teaching staff, good teaching quality and high recognition

❎Disadvantages : High threshold and high competition pressure. Some schools require interviews.

✔️Relatively famous general preparatory courses➡️London School of Oriental and African Studies, King's College London , University of Warwick, University of Bath

‼ ️Say important things three times ‼ ️Students who want to go to TOP universities, please prepare in advance! Prepare in advance! Prepare in advance!

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