🇬🇧 The secret of British preparatory school! 📚🎓

Dear friends, are you hesitant about studying abroad in the future? Don’t worry, today the editor has brought you a top-secret guide on British preparatory courses [ Like R] , so that you can easily master the key to success in entering higher education! 🌟

🎯 A summary of the preparatory admission rates of various schools in the UK!

Many friends often ask whether the higher the QS ranking, the better the school? In fact, this is not the case. Today, I will reveal to you the secrets of British preparatory education and the schools with higher admission rates! [ Squint R] [ Squint R] Refer to Figures 1 and 2 for the enrollment rate, be sure to save it and save it

🏛 Preparatory courses of our school and group preparatory courses

So should I choose the preparatory course of the school or the group preparatory course? 🤔

Our school's preparatory courses are preparatory courses established and managed by each university, usually to help students successfully enter the undergraduate courses of the university. These preparatory courses are usually closely integrated with the university's undergraduate program and are designed to provide students with the necessary academic knowledge, skills and preparation to successfully enter the university's undergraduate program.

✨Features :

➡️The preparatory courses of our school are usually more closely connected and connected with the undergraduate courses of the university, helping students better adapt to the teaching environment of the school.

Course content may be more targeted and closely related to the university's undergraduate program.

➡️Students may have the opportunity to participate in some academic and social activities of the school during the preparatory period to better integrate into university life.

✨Group Preparatory Course:

Group preparatory courses are preparatory courses offered by educational institutions or partner institutions jointly formed by a number of universities. These foundation courses usually cover courses from multiple universities and are designed to provide students with a wider range of study options. After completing the group preparatory studies, students can choose to apply for undergraduate courses at participating partner universities.

✨Features :

➡️The group preparatory courses cover a wider range of universities, providing students with more options for further studies.

➡️Course content may become more generic to accommodate undergraduate program requirements at multiple partner universities.

➡️Students can learn about multiple universities during the preparatory period and prepare for future choices.

In short, both the school's preparatory courses and the group's preparatory courses are designed to help students prepare for undergraduate courses, but they are different in setting and cooperation methods. The type of preparatory course you choose therefore depends on your personal interests, goals and future study plans.

🎓 Applicable people for British preparatory courses

Whether you are a high school student, an international student, or want to change your major, British preparatory courses are a good choice for you.

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