Complete Guide to Applying to British High Schools

In the last issue, we shared a complete guide for junior high school application. Today, Teacher Fried Fish has brought a complete guide for [high school application]. Remember to bookmark it~

✅Application conditions

Apply for GCSE : 14 years old and graduated from junior high school (average score of 75 )

Apply for A level : 16 years old or above and studying in the first or second year of high school (average score 70 )

✅Language requirements

Apply for GCSE : IELTS 4.5-5.5

Apply for A level : IELTS 5·0-6.0

Many schools do not require IELTS scores, but do require English proficiency to reach a similar level.

✅Application materials

🔘Certificate of enrollment or diploma

🔘School transcript

🔘Language transcript

🔘Recommendation letter from school teacher✉️

🔘Introduce yourself in detail

🔘British School Application Form

🔘Award certificate (if any)

✅Fees required to apply for high school

💰Guarantee deposit ( 40wRMB deposited in the card as guarantee)

💰Application fee ( 50-200 pounds)

💰Tuition fee ( 25w-35wRMB per year)

💰Living expenses ( 8w-15wRMB per year)

✅Entrance exam

written examination:

GCSE schools require IELTS 4.5-5.5

Alevel schools require IELTS 5.0-6.0


Many excellent middle schools require interviews to test students' logical thinking ability. They usually ask questions around hobbies, family, academics and school.

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