Complete Guide to Applying to British High Schools

British private schools are opening their applications one after another, and the application has entered a fierce stage 🔥 . Some friends have successfully obtained offers, but some friends and parents may still be confused about how to successfully get a British private school❓ Get it today Let me give you some popular science , remember🐎stay❗️

⏰Prepare the required materials for application:

📄Certificate of enrollment and transcripts

📄Language scores

📄Application form for the school you are applying for

📄Various award certificates and letters of recommendation

📄An outstanding self-introduction

⏰Application age:

➡️British junior high school (GCSE stage): over 14 years old

➡️British high school (Alevel): over 16 years old

📄Entrance exam:

Most schools will conduct a series of tests before admission, including

English proficiency test✅


CAT4 logical thinking test✅

ukiset test✅

There are also Alevel and GCSE subject tests✅

One or more of these tests may affect your admission, so remember to be fully prepared⚠

⏰Application timeline:

📔Understand the British private schools in advance, and decide to apply for the school based on your own situation

📔Prepare all application materials, refer to the front!

📔Submit application materials and wait for school review.

📔After passing the review, you can also write it before taking the school’s entrance test and interview.

📔After the test is completed, you will receive an offer within 1-2 weeks

📔You will receive CAS before school starts, and then apply for a visa, and then you can buy a flight ticket to the UK.

🏫Quality private schools in the UK:

👏🏻Cardiff Sixth Form

Excellent results, never ranked among the top three in Alevel and GCSE rankings. It is a dream school for top academics, with countless students going to Oxbridge.

👏🏻Christ 's Hospital School

One of the oldest public schools in the UK, it is a traditional manor-sized house with excellent music, sports and academic performance. Every year, students are sent to the Royal Academy of Music for further studies.

👏🏻Abbey College Cambridge

The support for international students is very good. It is a modern school with various on-campus facilities that are quite complete and complete. Each student has a life teacher, small class teaching, and the results are also very good.

In addition, there are many good schools. The above is the complete guide to applying for British high schools. If you want to know more about high-quality private schools, or want to apply for British middle schools, backstage✉DiDi

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