How much does it cost to study abroad in high school in the UK for one year❓

Today I will give you a summary of the costs of studying in high school (sixth form) for one year in the UK for your reference. Of course, this is just an average, after all, everyone’s situation is different, just like the dishes and tastes are different🦃🍚 . Let’s take an average to discuss

1⃣Tuition💰 _

Tuition fees are usually calculated on a term basis, with GCSE and A-Level courses having three terms a year. So don’t think that the tuition fee for a year is just over 10,000 pounds. Remember to multiply this number by 3❗ Most international schools will list the tuition and accommodation fees separately, so read carefully. Generally speaking, the annual tuition fee for international schools in the UK is around £ 30,000-35,000💷.

2⃣Accommodation💰 _

School accommodation fees usually include meals, that is, three meals a day are included in the accommodation fee. Generally, the accommodation fee for a year is around 10,000-15,000 pounds💷 . Therefore, students do not need to cook separately, and water, electricity and electricity are included, so there is no need to pay extra💰 .

3⃣Guardian💰 _

The situation of a guardian varies from school to school, some schools require a guardian and some do not. Please confirm with the school for specific circumstances. If a guardian is needed, it will usually be through a guardianship agency, and the cost will be around 3-3.5 thousand pounds 💷 . Most of the schools we cooperate with do not require guardians, so parents can save a lot of money😏 .

4⃣Living expenses💰

Living expenses refer to student expenses other than room and board. Let me give you an example, assuming that a student of Fried Fish is studying in high school in London, and the monthly expenses are around 600-800 pounds 💷 . This includes the cost of daily necessities, occasional shopping (of course not buying luxury goods every day), and maybe the occasional takeaway. Of course, if the conditions are better, it is possible to spend several thousand pounds per month💷.

5⃣Activity fee💰

Activity fees generally refer to some outing fees or exchange program fees that the school may charge. The specific situation depends on whether different projects and schools charge students fees.

If you are also studying in high school in the UK, what other expenses do you think you need to consider? Welcome to tell us~, apply for British high school dd

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