Should British high schools choose boys' schools, girls' schools or mixed schools?

This matter is a relatively serious topic. Teacher Fried Fish will help you examine yourself three times a day and figure out what you really want, and this problem can be easily solved. There are three types of high schools in the UK: boys' schools, girls' schools and mixed schools. Each has its own characteristics and characteristics, but before you talk about frying fish, it’s best to ask yourself what you want to do❓

The question is: Are you here to experience life and cultivate your sentiments, or are you here to attend a prestigious school?

Many of the customers Fried Fish receives have their own ideas. Some want to send their children to experience life and cultivate their sentiments. Then they send their children to boys' and girls' schools based on their gender. If they want to attend a prestigious school, choose a mixed school. . Don’t rush to ask what the fried fish is about, first listen to the fried fish one by one. The views are as follows:

1⃣️If parents have looked at various messy rankings without reference, you will easily find that the A*-A score ratio of co-ed schools is higher than that of boys' or girls' schools. Go read it yourself, don't ask me.

2⃣️Fried Fish works on the front line of application. Every year, we receive many children who failed in boys' or girls' schools to apply for preparatory courses. For example, Ruthin (girls' school) is the favorite among Chinese people. For example, King Edward's (boys' school) is the favorite among Chinese people. The estimated score is AAA , and the actual score is BDD . Please be realistic and don't think that students from boys' or girls' schools will have better grades.

3⃣️If you just send your children here to cultivate their sentiments, then go to these boys' and girls' schools. They pay attention to discipline and train children to be good, because this is the British tradition, and they will think that men should look like men. , a woman should look like a woman. It’s not a disrespect , it’s just a common sense discovered by Fried Fish after visiting so many schools.

4⃣️There is nothing wrong with choosing a co-ed school if you are looking for a prestigious school. Of course, this does not mean that boys’ and girls’ schools cannot compete, but if the child has grown up in a mixed school, there is no need to forcefully send him to an independent school. Moreover, I personally think that mixed schools have a balance of yin and yang , and there are many mixed schools. , most of the teachers have tutoring and academic arrangements for international students, and will not completely treat you as a pure British student. We Chinese have to live in our own way. We are here for prestigious schools. .

So when parents figure out what they want to do, choosing a school becomes easy. What's the problem? DD fish frying in the background. Don't rush me when I don't reply. I'm eating French fries.

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