British high school A-Level transfer guide, these schools can accept you❗️

Friends often ask if they can transfer to this school or that school, but in fact, most British middle schools do not accept A-Level transfer students❌ . If you are in the AS or A2 stage and do not want to continue studying A-Level at your current school for various reasons and want to transfer to another school, the editor has also collected some schools that you can transfer to. Save it and save it!

1⃣Ambaid High School (MPW)

This school accepts A-Level transfer students and is located in several major cities in the UK, including London, Birmingham and Cambridge. It is friendly to art students. You can go directly to UAL when you come to this school. There are a large number of courses dedicated to art students, and the classes are jointly completed by teachers from our school and UAL teachers.

2⃣ Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey's Cambridge campus accepts A-Level transfer students, but does not accept transfer students. It only starts in September every year. For students who repeat AS, they can also choose to enroll in January and study the A-Level course for 18 months, including 6 months for AS and 12 months for A2. This school has trained many students to enter high-quality universities in QS50 such as Cambridge. If you want to sprint towards Oxbridge, consider this school

3⃣ DLD London

DLD London offers accommodation in central London. This school also accepts transfer students. It is right next to the London Eye. You can also see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the dormitory building. The scenery is really beautiful! In addition, the school also offers a preparatory course in fashion management (and of course other courses) 🧥 . Especially suitable for students who are interested in art. Therefore, if you don’t want to study A-Level, you can directly transfer to the school’s preparatory course to continue studying. Most of the students who study the Fashion Management Foundation program later go on to University of the Arts London (UAL) 👍 , and a small number of students choose to go to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (CSM) 🤙 .

4⃣ Abbey College Manchester

This school is in the editor’s city of Manchester. Most of the students who come to this school hope to attend the University of Manchester, or like Manchester City or Manchester United. Manchester City can be said to be the second most livable city in the UK after London, and Abbey The Manchester campus is also the only school in Manchester that accepts international students~

5⃣️Oxford International College

OIC also accepts transfer students. However, since the school's Alevel scores have always been among the top three in the UK, it is difficult to get into this school. The AS and A2 scores must be the same. Of course, OIC's A-Level scores are quite satisfactory. , the school also provides the Oxbridge admissions program, which specifically provides support for outstanding students to enter Oxbridge universities.

I hope the above information can help students who want to transfer. If you have information or questions about other schools, you are welcome to continue to add or add in the background! 📚💼

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