What is secondary school life like in the UK🇬🇧

Many UUs are curious about what life in British middle schools is like. Is it the same as in China? In fact, there are certain differences. British middle schools advocate experiential teaching. Today, Mr. Fried Fish has compiled the daily life of British middle schools for everyone. If you need 🐎Stay here


To understand the essence of British elite education, we first need to understand the courses taught in British private schools. Let’s take Harrow Public School as an example. Students enter school at the age of 13. The first-year courses are all about laying the foundation for the future. Therefore, the courses that boys are exposed to cover a wide range of subjects, but at the same time they are all the most basic subjects: English, mathematics, biology. , Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Latin and Classical Education, Religion, Fine Arts, Music, Design Technology, Information Technology and Physical Education. Students with talents or hobbies can also take Greek, German and Spanish as electives, with various choices🔥


British private schools are actually very strict in management🏠 . The rich curriculum and strict time arrangements can urge children to learn to use time rationally and maximize themselves within a limited time.

Boarding life and House culture

We once wrote that the British boarding system has a long history. Unlike domestic boarding schools where children can go home on weekends, the British private school boarding system is implemented very thoroughly. They also need to stay in school on weekends. Each House will have its own exclusive It is managed by the House Master , and whether students can adapt to boarding life is also evaluated by the House Master during the school application interview. If the child can leave a good impression on the House Master , it will undoubtedly increase the probability of successful application!

3⃣️Extracurricular life

On weekends, students can participate in different club activities. Sometimes the school will also arrange some sports competitions, art exhibitions, drama performances, etc. on weekends. It can be said that children in private schools have a very rich extracurricular life. The surrounding environment of the school, such as London, also has horse racing, swimming, playing ball and other activities. The life of middle school students is very rich. For children who are about to graduate and face exams, they can also choose to study in the library, study room, etc. There will also be teachers to answer questions for the children.

In addition to daily activities, private schools also regularly organize some community services or public welfare activities, such as caring for the elderly, caring for special children, etc. Even during the Half Term , the school will organize voluntary off-campus trips.

The above is the daily life of a British middle school. The teaching level and experience in the UK are very good. If you are exposed to British education early, you can adapt in advance and lay the foundation for high school and university. If you need it, you can poke the fried fish teacher. Welcome to communicate. Oh❤️

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