Analysis of one-year cost of studying abroad in British 🇬🇧 secondary schools

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

The British education system has attracted the attention of countless international students because of its rigor and simplicity🧐 However, before planning to study abroad in a British secondary school, both parents and students should have a clear understanding of the expected costs. Study abroad expenses include tuition fees, accommodation fees, living expenses, etc. Today, let’s dive into these 💰

✨Tuition fees

Generally speaking, the tuition fee for one year is between 12,000 and 35,000 💷 This is a pretty wide range, and the reason is that private schools are generally more expensive than public schools 🏫 In addition, foundation and A-level courses may also cost more.

✨Accommodation fee

If a student chooses a boarding school, accommodation fees are usually included in the tuition fee If students choose to rent outside the school, the cost may be between 150 and 300 💷 per week ❗️It depends on location and accommodation type

✨Living expenses

Life in the UK 💰 is relatively high, especially in London. On average, students may need 1000 to 1500 💷 per month for living expenses including food, transportation, personal items, etc.

✨Additional charges

For example, visa fees, insurance fees, air tickets, etc. These expenses may be between 2000 and 3000 💷 per year.

to sum it up The cost of studying abroad in a British secondary school for one year is approximately between £ 25,000 and £ 50,000 , depending on the school chosen. and the lifestyle of students.

📖Here is a specific school as an example Abbey Middle School Manchester Campus, which cooperates with Wang Wanwan Abbey Secondary School, Manchester Campus is a boarding school  Tuition fees include boarding fees About RMB35w a year at the same time Abbeymen Town campus is located in the Midlands Prices are low 9w is enough for living expenses The total total is about 44w Compared to many secondary schools in London Cheap is not just 1⃣️dian At the same time, Abbey also has the performance of super oil show Every year, 80% of students 🧑‍🎓 enter qs100 schools 🏫 through preparatory courses !

This is just a rough estimate Specific fees will vary based on individual circumstances therefore It is very important to carry out detailed budget planning. At the same time, many schools and organizations also offer scholarships and financial aid This may help reduce the burden of studying abroad If you have any questions, kick us backstage!

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