British 🇬🇧High-frequency interview questions + answers for middle schools 1

Fried Fish Zui has also sorted out many interview questions, whether it is junior high school or high school entrance interview questions. Of course, the answers we give are based on the logic behind them. The framework is roughly like this. There is no need to be serious. After all, Interview is a subjective thing. You cannot say whether it is good or bad, suitable or inappropriate , but remember ❗️1⃣️You must follow these three principles: Dare to speak, dare to ask, dare to question✅ Below we will select a high-frequency question to answer Answer⬇️

1⃣️Please briefly introduce yourself

Analysis: Answer from three perspectives: past, present and future. What does it mean? That is, where are you from (past), where are you studying (now), what are you studying (now), what do you want to study after coming to the UK (future), and what major do you want to study in university in the future (future)

Answer: ❗️ My name is XXX (Chinese name translation), you can also call me ZZZ (your English name), I was born and raised in XXX (place) and studied at XXX (current school). I am looking forward to studying my GCSE/Alevel program at XXX (the name of the school currently being interviewed).

❗️ Study is indeed the most important part for my current status, I would say. However, study-life balance also matters. XXX (your hobbies) is my way to release pressure. It helps me to better focus on my study. I learn/gain XXX(traits) from XXX(your interests and hobbies)

❗️ The reasons why I choose XXX (the school where I was interviewed) are as followed: 1⃣️Recommendation from a friend 2⃣️The school’s results are good, such as the A*A percentage in GCSE and the A*A percentage in Alevel 3⃣️The all-English teaching environment improves faster My English level 4⃣️School environment 5⃣️School extracurricular activities ✅Just pick two or three to talk about. Remember that the school is choosing you, and you also have to choose the school. Go in both directions.

❗️ My dream university is XXX (the name of the future university) and I would like to major in XXX (the major I want to study for future undergraduate studies). Whether you are a GCSE or Alevel student, you must show your confidence in your future during the interview Planning, if you can show this, you will get extra points✅ The subjects I would like to study are XXX (roughly tell me what major you want to study after coming to this school)

The interviewer will not let you keep talking, and may interrupt you, or may answer based on what you said. There are some simple things that don’t need to be complicated. If someone asks you what subject you want to study in the future (for example, Alevel), just say what you want to study. Don’t say I want to study physics, because physics is so good. , just say it clearly in one sentence.

Of course, the interviewer will also ask you which subjects you are more worried about and how you hope they can help you. Just explain it clearly, because if you only show your good side in the interview, then you still go to them. What are you doing in school? Just take the initiative. For example, my vocabulary is not good, or there may be some logical problems in my understanding. I think you can help me very well.

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