Collection of high-quality manor-style schools in the UK 🇬🇧

Today, Mr. Fried Fish will share with you a high-quality manor-style private school in the UK. Do you like the quiet and peaceful campus environment?

👍Let ’s talk about the characteristics of these schools➡️peaceful, beautiful and beautiful

Manor-style private schools are campuses with a long history. The combination of historical accumulation and simple British-style architecture creates a quiet and harmonious campus atmosphere where you can appreciate the beauty of pastoral scenery. It is very suitable for students who want to study carefully.

🌟Rossall School

Set on over 160 acres of land next to Rossall Beach in Lancashire, Russell School enjoys a picturesque location overlooking the Irish Sea, offering beautiful views and tranquil surroundings. It also has a long history of more than 100 years and is famous for its impressive Victorian Gothic architecture. The school also attaches great importance to sports and provides a variety of sports facilities, including cricket, basketball, football stadiums, swimming pools, and tennis courts. etc.

🌟Queen Ethelburga 's College

Queen Elizabeth's Secondary School is located in North Yorkshire, covering an area of ​​over 220 acres, surrounded by picturesque countryside, with beautiful landscaped gardens, fields and woodlands, creating a peaceful and tranquil reading environment for students. There is also an equestrian center that provides facilities for riding, training and equestrian activities, caters for students with a passion for riding, and offers lessons, riding horses in the English countryside, doesn't it look like a painting?

🌟Blundell 's School

Blundell School is located in 100 acres of Devon countryside. The campus blends historical and modern architecture, with the iconic main teaching building dating back to the 18th century and more. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and students have access to green spaces and gardens, providing opportunities for outdoor activities, socializing and relaxation. The school attaches great importance to the performing arts and has a dedicated theater for students to participate in drama performances, concerts and other performing arts.

🌟Kent College , Canterbury

Kent Secondary School is located in a leafy environment in Kent, covering 80 acres and is very close to the seaside. The campus features a blend of historical and modern architecture, with not only historic buildings dating back to 1885 but also modern and well-equipped teaching facilities. The school attaches great importance to students' sports and artistic performances. It not only has complete sports facilities, such as tennis courts, football fields and cricket fields, but also theaters and performance rehearsal venues. The school has a ranch and provides free equestrian lessons without additional registration. Extracurricular activities include outdoor trips, overseas exchanges, movie appreciation, etc. ~

After reading so many sharings of manor-style private schools, is there any school that appeals to you? Welcome✉️Didi , free🆓fee🈸️

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