UK🇬🇧Leeds SG undergraduate preparatory study experience

The long-awaited post has just come out, so we are hurrying up to have another undergraduate preparatory study experience, or what school you want to see, hurry up dd ⬇️We are welcoming the second undergraduate preparatory program this time: the Study Group undergraduate preparatory program connected to the University of Leeds ✍️This time uu is also an old student of Wang Wanwan It is also shared by classmate C who enrolled in January 23 💯

❓Tell me a little about yourself

❗️I was also one of the students who failed the Alevel exam in 2022. I was studying in a private middle school in the east of England. I was expected to score very high at first, but when it came to the big exam, it became very difficult and I suddenly lost it. The only solution is to take preparatory courses😮‍💨

❓What major will you study in the future, and what courses are you studying now?

❗️I want to study product design in the future, and now I am studying the science pathway. I now have a total of 3 courses, mathematics, physics, and project skills. Of course, English courses are indispensable.

❓Is your course difficult? Can you briefly describe the content involved?

❗️The course is actually not too difficult, and is similar to Alevel knowledge. If you are a student who has studied Alevel, it is not difficult. Domestic students may need to spend more time reading and understanding. Basically, it is not a big problem. For physics, you need to do experiments. Yes, experiments on simple harmonic motion and spring coefficients also require writing a report. It is very demanding and must be written carefully. The English oral exam is a discussion topic, and reading may be a bit difficult. It is better to spend more time on accumulating English vocabulary, and then For PS, are you required to write a blog, learn software, and how to use literature in papers?

❓How are your teachers? How do they help you?

❗️Teachers are basically nice. They will be happy to answer your questions whether in class or after class. In fact, I have been in the UK for so many years and found that foreigners are not afraid of you asking them, but they are afraid that you will not ask them because they I don’t know what questions you have. After all, you are about to go to college, so I believe there will be no teachers in college chasing you to ask you what you don’t know. The ability to self-study is very important✅

❓What do you think of the city of Leeds?

I think Leeds is pretty good. It’s much better than the city where I went to high school. It has a wide range of things, including everything to eat, drink and have fun. Moreover, prices are relatively low, much lower than London. Moreover, Leeds is in the middle of England. In fact, it is very convenient to go anywhere. What can I say about Leeds? It is a place where you can have fun and calm down to study. I will still encourage you to read it. This kind of pass or fail percentage is actually fake. You need to be strong in blacksmithing and study hard on your own. I don’t think there is a big problem in going to Leeds✅

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