Inventory of one-year cost of studying abroad in various schools in the UK 🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Recently, some friends want to know the cost of studying in the UK for one year💰 . In this issue, the editor will take stock of the expenses of studying in various schools in the UK for one year, including tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation fees, etc. Different types of fees change based on various factors, so there is no unified data. This depends on the student's actual situation🙆🏻‍♀️ .

▪️Tuition fee

First of all, tuition fees vary depending on the school and major. For example, the tuition fees for some finance majors are higher than those for humanities and social science majors, and the tuition fees for finance majors in different schools are also different. If the school is ranked highly and is a prestigious school, the tuition fees are generally higher🥲 . Tuition fees at prestigious schools in London such as UCL and LSE are relatively high. The annual tuition fee in the UK is roughly in the range of 180,000 to 23,000 yuan. There are also higher and lower tuition fees, but the proportion is smaller.

▪️Accommodation fee

Accommodation fees fluctuate according to different regions and room types🏠 . For example, costs in London are generally high, and single apartments are also more expensive than shared apartments and houses. This requires students to weigh the convenience of going to school and their personal accommodation habits💁🏻‍♀️ . An apartment in a good location in central London may cost more than 400 pounds per week, while in other areas the price ranges from around 200 to 300 pounds, depending on the location, size and whether it is shared. The price of accommodation in other cities in the UK generally ranges from 120 to 300. Calculated based on the average price, the average monthly rent ranges from 5k to 9k.

▪️Living expenses

Living expenses depend on your own consumption habits🛒 . Generally, daily expenses range from 400 to 800 pounds. Living expenses often come from food, clothing, housing and transportation. If you open a small stove to cook in the UK, it will save the most money, and you can also exercise your ability to live independently💪🏻 . If you buy something, you can enjoy a lot of discounts by virtue of your student status, as well as Black Friday discounts and so on. Traveling is an additional expense. You can go for a drive in the UK or travel around Europe. It will be more cost-effective if you have a plan and have friends to share the cost with you.

The cost of studying abroad for each student depends more on personal lifestyle. The above content is only a reference for students who are considering the budget for studying abroad. If you have any questions about 🇬🇧study abroad, you can always answer them for you in the background 📮

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