Lightning protection collection of visa-free countries around the UK🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today I’m going to clear things up for you💣What should you pay attention to when traveling to visa-free countries near the UK to enhance your travel experience?


1⃣️Dress 👉As an Islamic country, although Morocco does not require tourists to wear headscarves, tourists still wear more clothes 😎

Girls should try not to wear short skirts 🉑️ and try not to wear long skirts and camisole above the knees After all, we have to respect the beliefs of Muslims

2⃣️Always agree on the price in advance💰👉There is no subway in Morocco and all travel depends on taxis or buses🚌 (it is not recommended to take a taxi because it is too messy) You should also agree on the price in advance before taking a taxi and when going to scenic spots to find a place to accompany you💰Otherwise you will be taken to the ground every minute Remember to haggle the price in half before getting on the bus🔪If you can ask the driver to use a meter, do so!

3⃣️Food👉I have to say that Morocco is really unpalatable except for tajine, which is tajine . It’s so unpalatable🐭 that you can bring some instant noodles🍜and snacks so you won’t feel hungry when you get tired of tajine🐭

4⃣️Exchange money👉Don’t make a huge loss by exchanging money at the airport🉑️Withdraw money directly from a local ATM in Morocco with your card. You will definitely need cash in Morocco!

⚠️Be sure to check your carry-on luggage. The security here is still worrying☹️


1⃣️Travel👉 It is highly recommended to drive by yourself because the transportation in this place is inconvenient. You may not be able to find a car even if you take a taxi for two hundred years, or it will be extremely expensive! If you rent a car by yourself, you should also pay attention to parking🅿️Be sure to park in the parking area and not on the roadside, otherwise the car may be towed away...

2⃣️Weather👉Be sure to check the weather forecast for sunny days before traveling☀️If it is cloudy, the travel experience will be greatly reduced!


1⃣️When traveling👉 don’t take a taxi at the airport🚗 as it will take a detour and steal money! Book pink taxi and cargo in advance  Reasonable price

2⃣️Language👉Be mentally prepared . The English penetration rate in this country is very low. Maybe the other party won’t understand what you want to say after waiting for a long time.

3⃣️💰👉This is also a country that needs cash. Be sure to prepare cash in advance.

⚠️The Chinese food in Serbia is particularly delicious, cheap and delicious🐛

The above is a post on how to avoid visa-free countries around the UK. I hope you all have fun! If you have any questions, please let us know!

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