Summary of TOP Business Schools in the UK🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

In this issue, we have summarized the 📥 questions from our backstage friends and compiled a collection of 🇬🇧 popular colleges and universities for business majors for students. Students who are ready to apply can save it and save it 🌟


The top-ranked universities are Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Durham University, Warwick University, etc. These majors cover financial theory, as well as financial and statistical knowledge. The difference lies in the elective courses and learning resources arranged by each school. Cambridge has some management lectures and practices, while LSE will involve many valuation-focused case topics as after-class seminar assignments. Imperial College’s courses include Financial modeling, derivatives, etc. There are also finance majors from other universities to choose from, such as Durham, University of Manchester, Bath, Nan'an, etc.


For business management majors, here we take Business & Management Studies as an example. Oxford, UCL, KCL and other universities rank higher for this major. Both Oxford and UCL will set up basic knowledge courses in accounting and finance. Oxford courses also include marketing and media, UCL will include MBA courses, and KCL’s compulsory subjects include more business content, micro-macroeconomics, social sciences and modern business, as well as Business ethics and sustainable development. There is not much difference in the basic subjects. The main difference lies in the different emphasis of some subjects.

◾️Business analysis

The major in business analysis is Business Analytics. Most 🇬🇧 universities offer this major. The top-ranked universities include Imperial College, University of Manchester, and University of Warwick. Imperial College's courses are very intensive and cover a wide range of learning content, with special emphasis on hard skills, such as computer languages, data structures, etc. The University of Manchester is mainly for business consulting, and you also need to learn some necessary software for business analysis, with a focus on management. The University of Warwick focuses on teaching statistical knowledge. Overall, these three schools in this major will emphasize practicality and value students’ hard skills.


Among business majors, the marketing major is a relatively liberal arts major that values ​​the grafting of knowledge and students' analytical application abilities. The top universities for this major include the University of Edinburgh, Durham University and the University of Nottingham. The courses all include basic marketing theory knowledge. Love University offers marketing management courses, Durham University offers art, heritage and tourism marketing courses, and Nottingham includes new product/service development and management. All three of the above offer international marketing courses.

The above is the entire content of this issue. If students want to know more about the business major application of a certain college, you can tell us in the background📮 ~

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