Top 10 private high schools in the UK🇬🇧

🇬🇧Top 10 private high schools

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Today is the top 10 British high school information. The ranking integrates the British Ministry of Education, major mainstream media in the UK, various British independent school associations, the International Curriculum Examination Board (A-Level/IB), and the "Oxford University Annual Admission Data Report" , "Cambridge University Annual Admission Data Report", which has a certain reference value👍The following rankings are in descending order from back to front👇

🔟Way Abbey Abbey School

✨It is known as the most prestigious public school in the UK and the No.1 girls' boarding school in academic terms.

9⃣️Haberdais Askew Boys School

✨A single-sex, independent day school. The school's philosophy is to provide a welcoming, positive and challenging learning environment for creative and curious students.

8⃣️Concord College

✨A high-quality international boarding school located in Shrewsbury, the most beautiful town in England, covering an area of ​​300,000 square meters.

7⃣️Manchester Girls’ High School

✨Music is the school’s traditional dominant subject, and the school has opened multiple musical instrument and chorus clubs. Students are also required to participate in charity activities, volunteer activities and community activities.

6⃣️Brighton College

✨Located in the seaside city of Brighton in Sussex, it is also the first Victorian public school in the area. Brighton College is a long-established co-educational private school and is known as the most forward-thinking in the UK. School.

5⃣️Saint Paul’s Secondary School

✨The academic performance of St. Paul's Middle School is very excellent. Every year, more than 98 % of the college entrance examination students and nearly 100 % of the college entrance examination students obtain A*-B . Each student is assigned a personal tutor upon enrollment. Tutors play a very important role in students' academic careers. In addition to general academic guidance, tutors also help students set goals and care about their growth and development.

4⃣️Winchester School

✨The first school in the UK to train clergy and public officials, starting the history of British public school education. Although today's Winchester Public School has evolved into an aristocratic boarding school, it still maintains its long tradition and culture.

3⃣️Cardiff Sixth Form College

✨A co-educational school that provides education and boarding services to students aged 16 to 19 . The school's A Level results are one of the top schools in the UK among secondary school A Level results. Compared with other traditional boarding schools, the admission threshold is relatively low, but students must be prepared for the academic pressure they will endure.

2⃣️Saint Paul’s Girls’ School

✨The top girls’ day school in the UK, founded in 1904 , the school enrolls girls aged 11-18 . The academic performance of St. Paul’s Girls’ School students has always been among the best. In the past ten years, St. Paul’s Girls’ School has ranked among the best in the UK 9 times 👍Private Top of the school rankings. In 2021, the school's GCSE/A-Level performance ratio is almost 100% !

1⃣️Oxford International High School

✨It is an international preparatory college located in the urban area of ​​Oxford . It has excellent academic performance and has complete academic facilities with the goal of helping students enter 👍universities . The school’s public examination results in the past few years have been ideal, and its 2018 British A-levels results were the fifth best among private schools in the UK.

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