Collection of British 🇬🇧Spring Festival activities

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The previous article compiled a collection of Spring Festival activities in London for you. This issue collects Spring Festival activities outside the London area for students. Please save them and save them🌟

🔘Manchester City

▪️St . Ann’s Square Spring Festival Special Installation Activities

There are large installations with Spring Festival elements here, and students can go out on the street to take photos and check in.

▪️Special St. Peter’s Square/Chinatown New Year Parade 1.22

As the Spring Festival approaches, Manchester City is getting more and more festive. If you want to join in the fun, you can participate in the Spring Festival Parade, which marches from St. Peter’s Square to Manchester City’s Chinatown.

▪️Piccadilly Gardens 1.21

Students who want to enjoy New Year delicacies can go to Piccadilly Gardens, where there are many Spring Festival stalls and dragon and lion dance performances.


▪️Birmingham University New Year Concert

Every year, the Chinese New Year Festival Organizing Committee holds a New Year Concert at the University of Birmingham to welcome the new year. The concert will be held on February 2nd, and you need to book tickets on the official website in advance.

▪️Bullring Grand Central Shopping Center New Year Parade

There are dragon and lion dance performances and red lantern decorations, as well as many Birmingham shops setting up food stalls here.


▪️ Lakeside Arts 1.28-29

The University of Nottingham and the Confucius Institute will hold activities such as brush painting, fan making, 3D greeting cards and New Year lantern making at the Lakeside Center this year.


▪️Chinatown 1.22

Students in Liverpool who want to feel the spirit of the New Year can go to Chinatown, where there will be a fireworks show.


▪️Town Hall Square 1.22

Celebrations such as New Year Parade and New Year Party. There are cultural performances, dragon and lion dances, craft exhibitions, and food gatherings. Rich and diverse activities~

The above are the different New Year activities in various cities in the UK. Many cities will hold New Year parties or parades🎆 . As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Wang Wanwan is here to wish everyone a happy Year of the Rabbit in advance. May the Rabbit be endless🥳 ~ You will also receive your favorite offers in the new year ‼ ️

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