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Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Previously, we compiled the application timeline for preparatory courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK. Check out our previous notes. In this issue, the editor has compiled the application timeline for direct undergraduate studies in the UK for students. 🌟 Mark it and save it.

🔗Undergraduate application requirements

There are 4 ways to apply for undergraduate studies in the UK

1⃣️Direct application of college entrance examination scores. A small number of universities in the UK recognize direct application of college entrance examination scores. The general requirement is 75% to 80%. Cambridge requires 0.1% of the province. An IELTS score of at least 6.0 (5.5 in each subject) is also required.

2⃣️High school transcript to apply for preparatory courses, apply to British universities through preparatory courses, average score is generally 8- or above, then IELTS 5.0~5.5.

3⃣️Undergraduate transfer students who have completed freshman and sophomore courses in China can apply for the first semester of an undergraduate program in the UK. Generally, it is more difficult to cross majors.

4⃣️Apply through an English-Chinese high school, but you need to prepare language scores, A-LEVEL.

🖇Application time planning

August and September to before Christmas

This stage is the peak period when most British universities open applications🔝 . Basically, most majors in British schools will open in August and September. Submitting applications in the early stage is also a time when there are more opportunities and a higher admission rate🙈 , so it is recommended that students submit their applications when the school opens the first round of applications.

✅Christmas to June of the following year

This stage has fewer students submitting applications than the previous stage⭕️ . Although the competition is not as fierce as the previous period☑️ , the number of admissions is also limited. After all, some students have already been admitted in the first round.

June to August

The last round of applications is a good time to pick out majors and colleges that you missed 💁🏻‍♀️ . At this stage, some colleges will open up supplementary admission quotas, and a small number of students will get their favorite offers during this period, but There is a certain instability🙅🏼 . Therefore, it is recommended that students should not place all their hopes on the subsequent supplementary enrollment stage❌ .

🕖Application Timeline

Prepare for the language test and organize application materials from January to August

The application round is open from September to December, please submit your application

Applications will continue to be submitted in the second round from January to June.

Check the supplementary admission majors of your favorite colleges from June to August

Whether it is preparatory courses or direct application for courses, it is recommended that students prepare as early as possible to study abroad, leaving themselves sufficient time to prepare the required materials and meet the required conditions. If you have any questions about applying for a British undergraduate degree, you can tell us in the comment area 🗣 and backstage 📥 .

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