UK🇬🇧What should I do if I fail in the undergraduate preparatory exam?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

What should I do if I fail the exam and fail to meet the admission requirements of my target university after studying preparatory courses in the UK ? Generally speaking, if you fail a preparatory course, you will have 1⃣️ chance to make up the exam. If you pass the make-up exam , ✅ or 🉑️ continue to enroll in a degree course if you fail the make-up exam? It doesn't matter! It can still be remedied! 👇

1⃣️Change to professional adjustments

If your grades do not reach the score line for your target major, you can continue studying in a different major in the same professional field at our school.

⚠️Majors are generally more selective and there are fewer opportunities to adjust to this major. Schools will also look at how well the major matches your preparatory major.

2⃣️Transfer to other schools

There are some schools that 🉑️accept preparatory scores. Are there any 🈵️and 🈳️ possibilities? You can contact the school and ask if there are any remaining seats in this major. If they accept your preparatory scores, you can just submit the materials according to the school's requirements.

⚠️The school can only be a relatively low school ranked after 200 or a school of the same level or better🏫It is impossible! The good thing is that you still have the opportunity to study your preparatory major➕You can successfully renew your visa in 9 🈷️ without any blank period!

3⃣️Study international freshman courses

If your IELTS score is relatively high 6 ➕You can consider the International Year One course. The International Year One is a freshman year specially designed for international students. The difference between the freshman year and the ordinary freshman is that additional English classes and study skills improvement courses are offered. After completing your studies, you will be promoted smoothly🉑️ Sophomore entering the school

⚠️International freshman course suitable🈴️

✨High school graduates who don’t want to go to preparatory courses and students who want to go directly to undergraduate studies but their English skills are not enough and still need to improve

✨Unsatisfactory results in the preparatory course, saving the country through the curve of the international freshman course✅After passing the internal test, you can go to your ideal school to study for the sophomore degree. The degree diploma is the same as the students who have studied for three years at the undergraduate level.

4⃣️ clearing supplementary recording

If there is no offer from any school before June 30th 🉑️Carry out clearing re - enrollment🉑️Circle the re-enrollment operation multiple times but only one school can be added at a time. The process is as follows⬇️

✨Check the information of colleges clearing 🉑️replacement quotas in advance

✨Call☎️the school to get a verbal offer. Some schools may have a short interview🉑️Get verbal offers from multiple schools but only🈶️one clearing choice

The UCAS application is submitted and the school sends an offer after confirmation through the UCAS system . The student confirms that the offer clearing is completed✅

The above is a series of remedial methods for those who failed in the preparatory exam and failed in the make-up exam. As long as students use a positive attitude to remedy the problem, there will always be more remedies than difficulties. A positive student, a responsible teacher, and a bright future! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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