Things to note when renting an apartment while studying in the UK🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

After getting the offer, is the first thing you worry about is renting a house?

How to choose student accommodation❓

Common types of student apartments:

studio : separate bathroom➕bedroom➕kitchen

ensuite : Possibly 🈚️ independent bathroom, bedroom shared kitchen

🔘The advantage is that there are public facilities such as gyms and cinemas, and there is also a front desk to collect express delivery, and bill and tax are all included.

🔘The disadvantage is that the room may be much smaller than social housing

How to choose a social apartment❓

Apps for renting houses include: right move , zoopla , spareroom , etc.

If you have an apartment or a villa, you can choose to live with roommates, which will be more cost-effective.

Be sure to pay attention to the environment around the house. If there are bars nearby, it will be very noisy. It is recommended to check the crime rate in the area through the British website ‼ ️

⚠️Pay attention to whether social housing includes bills and council tax for water and electricity. Students are exempt from tax . The declaration method is different in each region. Be sure to find out before renting.

🔘The advantage is that the house will be larger than a student apartment

🔘The disadvantage is that the express delivery may be easily lost and there are no shared public facilities.

Factors to consider when renting❓

1⃣️ bill ➕Is the rent affordable?

2⃣️Is it convenient to get to school?

3⃣️Is it easy to sublet it if I return to my country?

When to book❓

It is generally recommended to book a room after accepting the offer . If you choose a student apartment, it is recommended to book a room as early as possible. For example, student apartments in London are more expensive week by week. Book early and save money.

About deposit❓

The law stipulates that you cannot collect more than five weeks' rent as a deposit. The deposit is kept by a third-party agency. Please clean it when you check out. If there is no damage, it can be fully refunded. Remember to take some photos before moving in as a deposit. Evidence of check-out times to avoid encountering unscrupulous landlords.

The above are some basic things to note when renting a house . If you have any other questions about studying abroad, please feel free to ask Didi on the background.

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