Tips to save money while studying in the UK🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The new semester has begun. Are the students who have just arrived in the UK still adapting to studying abroad? Students who are already in the UK can save this article🌟Oh , the editor has compiled some tips on how to save living expenses while living in the UK🫶🏻.

✅Buy , buy, buy during discount season

There are many discount seasons in the UK throughout the year. Students know that shopping in the UK is mainly done through online websites and offline stores. In addition to mid-year clearance and year-end Black Friday, many stores will have discounts on online websites. Students We can follow these websites and there will also be regular reminders . Offline stores also regularly have discounts on old models, such as zara, urban outfitters, etc. Students can also go shopping more~ There are also many and great discounts in these events, so students pay more attention~

✅Student card has many discounts

Some students don’t know that our student status saves money in the UK. Download the unidays software, authenticate it, and present it at checkout. Most stores in the UK are accredited, or you can just bring your student card💳 to shop and you will get a 20 or 10% discount. However, you need to install your student card to prevent it from being lost❗️Re - issuing it is more troublesome~ Some websites also have student discounts, such as student verification on Amazon.

✅Buy second-hand items

After students come to the UK, they should also have some apartments, classmates and urban communities👬 . Here, there will also be other students who want to move or have other personal reasons to sell second-hand items, and the price will be much cheaper than buying new ones. But students must keep their eyes open and be careful not to go online💰 . Try to meet offline and be accompanied by a companion. ⚠️Be safe ‼ ️

✅Refund for excessive consumption

After students come to the UK, due to the gap between the pound and the renminbi, they may have no idea of ​​what to spend. If they are lavish, they may feel that they are losing money if they don’t buy during the occasional discount season! But⁉️excessive consumption will only empty my wallet and increase the burden on my parents. So maintain good bookkeeping habits and buy what you need, not dispensable discounted items. Develop good habits and learn to manage money when you go to school.

The above is all the money-saving tips in the UK compiled by the editor for you! If students have other tips, you can also share them in the comment area ~ help each other🥰

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