Things you need to pay attention to when applying for inter-major studies in the UK🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue will focus on the three sections of 🇬🇧inter -major application for studying abroad to answer students’ questions🧐

Which majors can I apply for across majors?

First of all, there are some majors in the UK that do not require a professional background. For example: Most schools in media studies, marketing, public relations, management, English, cultural industries and other fields do not require undergraduate professional backgrounds. Some require similar course study or academic research experience in related fields. . On the other hand, it is the subject foundation for undergraduate studies and the guarantee for successful cross-major application. Liberal arts transfer to social sciences: linguistics transfers to education. Transfer between science and engineering: Mathematics applies to data science. Mutual transfer of business majors: economics to finance, finance to accounting, etc.

Summary🟰There are two categories that can be applied across majors. The first one is that the major itself does not limit the background, and the second one is that the major is highly relevant to your background.

📑How to prepare for inter-professional application?

🏷Undergraduate stage: For students who want to change majors in master's programs, the first preparation for undergraduate studies is to try to choose majors that are highly relevant to your major in elective courses. Because the undergraduate elective courses are rich, this will be of great help in improving your subsequent cross-major applications.

🏷Internship stage: If you can determine your area of ​​interest as early as possible, you can determine the major you want to change as early as possible. Then, relevant internship work experience is essential. Many universities in the UK also value students’ social practice experience.

🏷Research stage: Do as much academic research in related fields as possible. This includes: publishing in journals, selecting graduation thesis topics, participating in mentor projects, etc.

Summary🟰Before applying across majors, you should try to improve your connection with the new major as much as possible.

❓How to judge the probability of success in professional application?

✅You need to carefully confirm whether the application conditions published on the school’s official website include restrictions on professional background.

✅Check whether the major you are studying is a popular major in the school

✅Check the "experience of people who have come before", the admission status of applicants from the previous academic year on the entire network🔍

✅If you are really not sure whether the majors of certain colleges accept students with cross-major application backgrounds, you can contact the school on the official website or email.

The above is a summary of all the experience in cross-major application for studying in the UK. If you have any questions about cross-major application, you can directly tell us your professional background and the major you want to switch to in the background.

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