UK 🇬🇧Private school GCSE/Alevel nanny-level literacy

Many parents cast a blind eye on this thing. These problems have appeared many times during the communication process. Let’s summarize them and educate parents of young children on them👀

🤔️ : Age limit for admission at each stage

↩️ : Two-year GCSE is 14 years old, two-year Alevel is 16 years old, PreA/IGCSE is 15 years old, and Year 9 is 13 years old. The age is calculated according to September 1st of each year. If the entry grade is not met until September 2nd, the age will be If it is deemed as non-compliance, it will need to be downgraded.

🤔️ : Choose an international school or a British private school?

↩️ : Schools with more international students must have better results than British private schools, such as Cardiff, OIC, Abbey Cambridge, etc. If you want to pursue results, go to an international school. If grades are not your primary goal, choose a British private school. Those who say they want to go to Westminster, St. Paul's, or Winchester should not be fooling around here.

🤔️ : Choose single-sex school or mixed school

↩️ : The results of mixed schools are good, but the results of single-sex schools are slightly lower. I have said this many times, go check out the previous ones 🍠Ha

🤔️ : Which one should I choose between PreA and one year GCSE?

↩️ : General high school students choose preA, and international middle schools choose one year of GCSE. If the general high school students have very good English proficiency and their grades are acceptable, then they can also choose one year of GCSE. Otherwise, general high school students should choose preA to improve their English level and adaptability.

🤔️ : Choose London or non-London

↩️ : Personally, I would not choose London for fried fish. There are three reasons: low cultural tolerance, high prices, and 🇨🇳students . Fish fry favors schools in the Midlands, North and South East

🤔️ : Can I transfer to another school?

↩️ : After finishing IGCSE/GCSE/PreA, you can apply for Alevel with your transcript, so the answer is yes. Can you transfer to another school after studying AS? Yes, but there are two ways. If you have good grades after studying AS, You can apply for undergraduate preparatory courses at UCL and KCL, or you can transfer to other schools to study A2 (check the school)

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