What materials are needed to apply for private high schools in the UK?

Many UUs don’t know what materials they need to prepare to apply for a private high school in the UK, and they often miss out. In fact, the materials they need to prepare for applying to a private high school in the UK are very simple. Fried Fish has sorted it out for everyone. If you need it, stay tuned 🐎

1⃣️What do you need to prepare❓

✅School application form

✅Student enrollment certificate issued by the school

Graduation certificate and transcript or read part of transcript

✅Two letters of recommendation from school teachers

✅Detailed personal self-introduction

✅Junior high school promotion introduction

✅English score certificate or English learning certificate

✅Awards awarded in recent years

2⃣️High school application requirements❓

Language Requirements

Generally, students are required to have an average score of 80 or above. For students applying for Grade 10 (high school freshman) in the UK, many high schools require an IELTS score of 5.5 , and the top-ranked high schools in the UK even require an IELTS score of 6.5 .

written examination

Written examinations are a requirement for most British secondary schools, and generally include examinations in subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry.


Many prestigious British schools require applicants to conduct relatively strict interviews. British high schools attach great importance to interviews. Typically, an admissions director or principal will conduct an online or in-person interview.

3⃣️High school application process

1. Provide application materials

The materials required for students to apply for the school include: junior high school diploma, three-year junior high school transcript, high school graduation certificate, high school transcript, school profile, two teacher recommendation letters, self-introduction essay (about 500 words in English), and various award certificates , Sponsorship Fund Proof, Fried Fish Teacher can help those who need it sort it out, 🈚️No need to worry❗️

2. Pay the registration fee💰

When a school intends to accept a student's application, the student is required to pay a non-refundable school registration fee (application fee) before exams are processed or sent. Fees range from £50-£ 300 per school, depending on the school.

3. Entrance Exam✏️

Schools usually send English, math, or English test questions to students and require students to complete the test within a specified time.

4. School pre-admission

Most schools will issue a pre-admission notice after the student passes the examination and evaluation of application materials, and requires students to pay a degree deposit within the specified period. The deposit for a boarding secondary school place is usually one semester's tuition fees, ranging from 500 to 2,000 pounds for other schools. The degree deposit will be fully refunded upon completion of the student's studies at the school.


After receiving the official admission notice from the school, students can apply for a British student visa within three months of leaving school.

6. Official admission to the school

After the school receives the degree deposit, it will issue a formal admission notice to the student. A few schools require students to go to a British school for an interview. Only after passing the interview can they be officially admitted. Since the interview results are unpredictable, it is recommended that students who apply to this type of school apply to other schools that can guarantee admission, just in case.

The above are the materials and procedures for applying to high school. In fact, with the help of Teacher Fried Fish, the application will be very simple. If you are interested, come and poke Fried Fish❤️

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