The secret to the cost of private high schools in the UK 🇬🇧

There are about 2,600 private schools in the UK. So with so many schools, how do you choose the most suitable one❓

Some UUs value sports and art facilities when choosing a school; some think that a school's humanistic care for students is more important, but one important factor that almost all students care about is academic performance.

The more expensive the tuition fees of private schools in the UK, the better the academic performance of the school❓

The tuition fee for day students at Bellerbys College London is £9,020 per semester (equivalent to about RMB 80,000 , a total of RMB 240,000 for three semesters a year), making it almost one of the most expensive private day schools in the UK. However, in terms of GCSE results, the A*/A rate, or the proportion of scores reaching 7-9 points, is one of the lowest among private schools.

One of the most expensive boarding schools in the UK is DLD College in London, with tuition fees of £17,666/ semester (equivalent to about RMB 160,000 , a total of RMB 480,000 for three semesters a year). In the end, only 28.07% of the students passed the GCSE exam. to high scores.

Badminton School is also rated as one of the most cost-effective private boarding schools in the UK. It has excellent results, but it is one of the lowest private schools. The school was founded in 1858. India's first female Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and actor Rosamund Pike both graduated from this school. This girls' school in Bristol has average tuition fees of £5,475 per term for day students and £10,765 per term for boarding students. However, this year's GCSE results, 77% of students achieved A*/A ( 7- 9 points).

The fees of the famous public schools Winchester College , Charterhouse House and Wellington College rank among the top five most expensive private schools in the UK.

Winchester College (Winchester Public School) is the top boys' boarding school in the UK, with tuition fees of £13,304 per semester. However, it is also among the top three private schools in the UK based on GCSE results, with an A*/A rate ( 7-9 points) as high as 87.7% .

Are the high tuition fees at British private schools worth it?

Spokespersons for Bellersby College London and DLD College said that most of the students attending the schools are international students from non-EU areas who do not speak English as their first language.

Coming to Bellersby College is often their first time away from home, which means they have to make a number of academic, cultural and linguistic adjustments.

——Bellersby College spokesperson

 All in all, although the cost of studying in high school in the UK is relatively high, the experience and experiences it brings are unparalleled. Learning some British courses in advance can help you connect to undergraduate universities, and you can adapt to life in the UK in advance. It is also good to make friends with the same major. Drop❗️

However, the tuition fees of private schools in the UK with a higher proportion of students achieving high scores in GCSE examinations are mainly concentrated in:

  • Day school: fees range from £ 5,000 to £ 10,000 per term ;
  • Boarding schools: fees range from £10,000 to £ 15,000 per term .

There are various ranking lists in the UK. When choosing a school, UUs should not only look at the school ranking and students' GCSE scores, but also comprehensively examine the school's history, teaching philosophy, school reputation, curriculum, campus environment, dormitory environment, international Student-to-student ratio, additional teaching support, extracurricular activities and other important factors❗️

Based on the above, the admission rate for British private high schools to connect to universities is still very high. As long as you study step by step, you will get good results. Then it is relatively easy to connect to universities. If you need it , you can poke and fry fish. Fish also has more information on applying to British high schools ❤️

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