UK 🇬🇧A guide to avoid pitfalls in preparatory studies

I believe that many students are interested in preparatory courses in the UK, but preparatory courses are all diverse in everyone’s minds. Today, Mr. Fried Fish will show you whether preparatory courses are reliable or not❓

  1⃣️Is it easy to pass the preparatory course? 🤔

  In fact, the admission rate of most preparatory courses is still very high, such as group preparatory courses INTO and Kaplan . You can choose from a variety of university connections, and the courses are also very simple. The rate of entering top 100 universities is very high! But uu students must attend class well and not skip school. Follow the teacher's courses step by step. Don't take it lightly because the preparatory course is very poor❗️

  2⃣️ Can't I take preparatory course if my language score is not good? 🤔

  wrong! The preparatory course is specially designed for those who have failed in the language requirements. Most of the preparatory course language scores can be passed between IELTS 4-6 , and you can get it easily~

  3⃣️Is taking preparatory courses a waste of time? 🤔

   Taking a preparatory course is not only a waste of time🕙 , but also saves time for many UUs . It is very necessary to spend one year learning professional courses and languages. It is perfect for those who have no professional foundation😊

  4⃣️Suitable universities for applying to preparatory courses🤔

✅University of Leeds: The application rate of the University of Leeds is as high as 93% ! It is the best recommendation for taking preparatory courses ~

✅University of Birmingham: The admission rate is 80%, and the school’s graduation recognition is very high

✅University of Southampton: Top institution for finance and computing ~ Pass rate ⬆️

✅Group preparatory courses: Into , Kaplans , etc. You can apply for multiple universities at the same time, get more offers , have high options, and flexible time. It is suitable for UUs ​​who are unsure!

Preparatory courses are actually very flexible in terms of choice, but different schools have different admission rates, so there is still a certain risk, but as long as you choose the right school, half the battle is won! Welcome to consult the fried fish teacher to help you choose the preparatory course and make the most correct choice❤️

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