Which high school in the UK is the best?

It’s great to go to high school in the UK!

I often get asked by uu . What are the benefits of studying in high school in the UK? Or am I suitable to study in high school in the UK? Is it too early? Waiting for a series of questions, today Fried Fish will sort out the benefits of studying in high school in the UK for everyone. If you are also struggling, just bookmark it and save it.

1⃣️High university admission rate

Compared with the United States and other countries, a higher proportion of British high school students go to university. The university admission rate of ordinary boarding schools in the UK is basically over 95% ❗️Most graduates enter the top 20 universities in the UK, and 50% of them enter the top 10 universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. With such a high admission rate , you basically don’t have to worry if you go to high school or college😄

2⃣️Make college admissions applications more user-friendly

The British education system allows British high school students to take A-level exams starting in grade 12 . Twice a year, students can choose the best grade as their final grade. By the end of Year 13 , there are four exam opportunities. Therefore, British high school students will not miss the school they want just because they fail one exam, and the fault tolerance rate is very high

3⃣️Rich courses

Students can choose the courses they are good at and most interested in to enhance their motivation for learning. There are professional subjects such as English and mathematics, as well as cultural subjects such as art🎨music🎵sports🏀 , etc.

4⃣️Become more proficient in language

It is easier to master pure English, adapt to foreign lifestyles, learning styles and ways of thinking faster, and get in touch with the British environment earlier

5⃣️Strong teachers

  Many teachers in British high schools hold master's or even doctorate degrees and have profound attainments in their respective research fields. The teachers in many schools are professors from G5 schools. They allow children to develop college thinking from middle school, so that it will be easier when they enter college.

✅Suitable for everyone

Students who are over 16 years old and have graduated from junior high school to senior high school in China can study for A-LEVEL (some schools require Chinese students to study for senior high school one). IELTS generally requires a score of 5.5 . Some schools require applicants to take an entrance exam. The entrance exam is provided by the school. There is no need to take the IELTS test. It is still very simple.

Fried Fish Teacher has put the top 100 private high schools in the UK in the picture. Friends in need can pick it up❗️Uu people who have more questions are welcome to poke Fried Fish Teacher.

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