British 🇬🇧Guidelines for applying for nanny level in high schools

Compared with countries such as the United States, a higher proportion of high school students in the UK go on to university. Regular boarding schools in the UK basically have a university admission rate of more than 95%. Most graduates enter the top 20 universities in the UK, and half of the students enter the top 10 universities, including Oxford and Cambridge universities. Today, Mr. Fried Fish will help you Here’s how to apply for a British high school, save it now❗️

1⃣️ Application plan: Language + GCSE course + 2- year A-Level course

2⃣️  GCSE course application requirements:

1. Age requirement: 14 years old or above

2. Education requirements: Junior high school student

3. Language requirements: IELTS score is around 4.5 . Those with a score below 4 are generally required to have language courses.

4. Others: Ability to pay tuition and living expenses, Have a legal guardian.

3⃣️Application materials:

✅Certificate of junior high school attendance ✅Transcripts of examinations at all stages of school ✅Proof of English proficiency ✅Proof of having a legal guardian ✅Proof of ability to pay tuition and living expenses ✅Complete application form

4⃣️Application fee:

Ranging from 50-200 pounds

5⃣️School deposit: ( The deposit is usually one semester’s tuition )

Boarding High School: £5,000-9,000.

Non-boarding high schools: £ 1,000-3,000 .

Language schools: £ 200-£1,000 .

6⃣️Tuition fees:

Boarding high school: £ 5,000-9,000 / semester, divided into three semesters a year. Tuition fees include tuition and living expenses ( accommodation, meals ) .

Non-boarding high school: approximately £ 15,000 / year. In addition, guardianship fees, other additional expenses, visa fees, air tickets, airport pick-up fees, etc. are payable separately.

When is the best time to go abroad❓

For middle school students who want to study liberal arts or business in prestigious foreign universities in the future, it is better to go abroad from the second year of junior high to the first year of high school. They can adapt to the environment in advance, learn new knowledge, and practice speaking English, which will make it easier to adapt to the UK.

Advantages of British high schools❓

✅It ’s easy to get into prestigious schools, with an admission rate as high as 95%

✅College admission is more user-friendly. High school students can have four Alevel exam opportunities, and they will not be unable to get into a good university just because of a single failure.

✅Various course options, including British high school courses. In addition to basic courses such as mathematics and English, there are also courses in art, physical education, technology, etc. to meet the interests of different students.

✅High safety factor. This is a point that many parents value. British schools have strict security. The school has security guards and access cards❗️

If you have any doubts about applying to high schools in the UK, you can poke Mr. Fried Fish and Fried Fish will give you a more detailed analysis.

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