UK 🇬🇧High School Application Timeline

Many UUs who came for consultation missed out because they delayed the application time for the best British high school. With the help of Mr. Fried Fish, they found the best time and finally successfully entered high school. Today I will sort out the fried fish and share it with everyone❗️what you need🐎 ~

1⃣️ September-December
If you want to apply for a British high school, you should prepare in advance, because applying to a British high school requires submitting IELTS scores and usual transcripts, so you can prepare for the IELTS test during this time, and then improve your academic performance to keep your average score at around 80 ~

2⃣️January to May of the following year
Understand the information of British high schools, then choose a school that suits you, and prepare relevant application materials according to the school's requirements. The application materials have been shared by Fried Fish before.

UK high school application deadline

3⃣️ June - September of the following year
This period is the application stage for British high schools. You need to register with the school online first, and then submit application materials according to the school's time schedule. Better high schools will close registration in September-October , and some schools will close registration around November ~

4⃣️October - December of the following year
After submitting application materials, British high schools will generally set entrance exams and interviews for students, so during this time you should improve your English skills and then prepare to take the school's interviews and entrance exams. There may be video interviews and some school interviews.

5⃣️January to May of the following year
After taking the interview and entrance exam, the school will review it. If passed, the school will issue an admission notice to the student, and the student will pay a deposit and other fees as required by the school in exchange for CAS .

June⃣️ - September of the following year
Next, you need to prepare to apply for a UK student visa. First, you need to prepare application materials, then apply online, and finally arrive at the visa center according to the appointment time to collect biometric information. After getting the visa, you can prepare your luggage, buy air tickets, arrange accommodation according to the school's requirements, and go abroad smoothly❗️🔥

The above is the most complete British high school application timeline. You are welcome to come and communicate with Fried Fish ~ ❤️

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